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Surrounded by teachers in Northern Thailand

Suddenly I find myself surrounded by teachers. (I trust you know how hard it is to find them when you are looking for a single one… now I need almost a whole hand to count the sudden influx). It never rains but it pours, right? And each one feels like a relationship of trust. {You know the stories of how I started 3 different postgraduate degrees and ditched two because the teachers just weren’t right.. Or how I rotated through a set of driving instructors until I found THE one that fit like a glove? All the while hearing friends tell me that I am either and or fussy. Discerning guys, it’s called discerning and not paying any old ‘quack’ .. What a cool word! But I didn’t mean it as mean as quack might sound. It just was so snazzy and snappy to use.. } Also in other news: Thanks to Nephyr from the Naga Thai Massage Center I learnt that my website is full of errors. I have a lot to learn it …

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day good..

It’s a good day when after a seriously sleep-disrupted night I find that the market vendor left the seeds in the jackfruit. Finally! I’ve been trying to get my hands on Jackfruit seeds for way to long. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day good.. It was a really quiet day even if the following really doesn’t sound like it: My teachers at Massage school distributed serious kindness, meant it and then revealed my bicycle that I had left here 2 years ago! Got to love them! I got to help translate/correct some stuff and felt way better about getting free classes after that. (yes, that’s right. No charge because that’s the style. And also the only way I could be here in the first place.) After a week here I finally visited my favourite cafe with garden and a fish pond with giant goldfish (I mean GIANT), it is way out of budget for this journey but that’s ok. I’m here to learn and hopefully photograph. Anyhow they remembered me and I …

Last full week before departure

I can’t exactly believe that I am really off, with so little money in my pocket and so little self belief.. But it might be what I need to prompt my confidence to finally sprout and grow. Somehow I feel like I have been so slow at growing in general, it took so long to realise so many basics of life.. Today I will start on the admin that necessarily needs to be prepared for any long journey. I also will take a trip to the charity shop and see if they would like to take all of my things off me. I also am running behind with my studies at my Thai theory Course and need to take that more serious and not miss this opportunity to learn.

breathing / meditation

I think this is simply and clearly presented. It is easy to follow and effective. I would know as I am currently riding on the oceans of a wild and stormy life, it appears that somebody didn’t pack a compass nor packed a guide to the stars. So while my little boat is tossed to and fro and I wonder where it will all lead me – all the while hoping that I will not capsize – this little breathing meditation is soothing and helpful.

How I try and fix my neck pain

.. I just woke up this morning because I was in so much pain with my neck that I couldn’t sleep. I tried this yoga video, and while it didn’t fix the neckpain, it did help a bit. Remember: when you are in pain then the solution may require a few days of regular gentle practice. I think people often want there to be an immediate solution (very understandable from where I am at this morning) but immediate might be even harmful. Think of it this way: it took certain prolonged or repeat actions to cause you this injury or discomfort so therefor it makes sense that it will require some mindful changes to resolve it. What do you think? And do you have an immediate cure for my neck pain? (wink)

the power of sleep #1

The amazing power of sleeping enough hours and the right hours! I feel like a new human being! I didn’t even go to bed as early as perhaps I should, but the lights were out before midnight and I slept like a bear with many dreams flooding my night. The last dream was a bit stressful and the sound of my alarm clock became integrated into the dream, which is not the best thing really. But I got a full 9 hours of sleep, with a warm mostly asleep cuddle from the person I love at about 7.30 when we had both woken up from the natural light streaming into the bedroom. I fell asleep in his arms and that may have helped, too. When I did finally get up at 9.15am I felt like a whole new human being. Durianrider is definitely right when he says: “get off the internet and get to sleep & sleep as much as you need.” I know 9.15am is late to many, but sometimes you need to catch …

Yoga review: Ke Yoga

I just wanted to give you a quick review of the Yoga class that we attended yesterday after running into a Yoga teacher on one of the central streets in the old city of Padova, Italy. Laura was really friendly and let us know that the first lesson is free to attend. I like this as a bargain hunting human but a part of me thinks that the teacher’s time is valuable and I am not sure that free lessons are necessary. I think it is fair to pay any teacher for their time and experience.  In my mind this is also a way to show one’s appreciation and respect. But of course it helps us a lot if we get the chance to join a class for free. Class fees for two people can quickly rack up to a lot of money. About the class: Laura’s class is slow and gentle, it is up to the students to get the most ‘work’ out of it. The guidance is evenly paced and there is a …

The Kafkaesque life of conscientious consumers & small Farmers in America: Farmageddon

I thought you might be interested why the price of organic is so high and why it can be so hard to find natural food choices. I believe this is gong to be a growing problem. But we have a big choice here and it starts with our shopping carts. Farmageddon offers an insight into the problematics of the food safety rules generated in response to large scale industrial farming and then applied to small scale farming. This documentary might make you wonder what happened to rational thinking and measured responses. The small scale farms featured have experienced Kafkaesque Traumas at the hand of the American Department of Agriculture. Armed raids took place on small scale farms, with children present. The crimes: organic farming & raw milk production. Sheep were seized and killed for having mad cow disease, when no sheep has ever had mad cow disease. Certainly not an organic sheep that has been under a year long quarantine….

An Ode to Tumeric & Cinnamon

Sorry this is just a short one: I wanted to quickly share how incredibly much both tumeric and cinnamon seem to have helped me with my terrible joint inflammation on my left big toe joints. The pain was starting to spread and make me quite miserable when I remembered to add the anti-inflammatory tumeric to pretty much everything I ate. (I eat a lot of raw things and banana smoothies made with bananas and coconut milk. I don’t usually eat much wheat or processed foods. But had just emerged from a period of travel in which my food choices were limited, and it seemed to have set off the inflammations, which worryingly I think are a form of arthritis.). It took just a couple of days to make a difference. (I found it unexpectedly fast, too). Beware though: tumeric will stain your teeth, so brush extra carefully, extra properly. Both spices together seem to have made a huge difference to my wellbeing. I doubt that this was psychosomatic, I was too busy to think about …