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Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day good..

It’s a good day when after a seriously sleep-disrupted night I find that the market vendor left the seeds in the jackfruit. Finally! I’ve been trying to get my hands on Jackfruit seeds for way to long.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day good..

It was a really quiet day even if the following really doesn’t sound like it:

My teachers at Massage school distributed serious kindness, meant it and then revealed my bicycle that I had left here 2 years ago! Got to love them! I got to help translate/correct some stuff and felt way better about getting free classes after that. (yes, that’s right. No charge because that’s the style. And also the only way I could be here in the first place.)

After a week here I finally visited my favourite cafe with garden and a fish pond with giant goldfish (I mean GIANT), it is way out of budget for this journey but that’s ok. I’m here to learn and hopefully photograph. Anyhow they remembered me and I got a warm, personal, welcome. I am massively impressed, how did that happen?!

Bonus: today nobody monologued at me about angry issues nor about how they enjoy the local sex options. (yes, people do that to me, frequently ! — why??? Don’t they realise I half wrote a dissertation about the commodification of humans.. – before it got to much and I swapped subjects.)

Right now I can only say it was a quietly good day at last!

And yay, jackfruit seeds! (they can be boiled and I hear they are lovely to eat)

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