Month: June 2016

journal entry: the epic to-do-list keeps growing longer and longer

As every time before I go away for long periods of time from one place to another there are countless to-do items on my list. It seems that it never grows shorter but only longer.


Anticipating the next stop on the life journey

It is a sunday afternoon, time is closing in and once again feeling limited. Our 6 months in England (for me interspersed with a stay at an Artist Residency Program in Finland) is drawing to it’s close. The time was just long enough to recover from the extremities of Adrenal Fatigue. This is something they don’t tell you in other places: traversing the globe, surviving in far away places can take it’s toll on health; sometimes in a profound way.. But here I am, more or less put back together, the fractals reorganised into a comprehensive shape that somewhat resembles myself as I remember her.. Yes, it feels so long ago that I was last settled in one piece that I am no longer even sure the complete ‘me’ ever existed. But I do recall that in summer 2007 I felt: “I am whole in myself’. Just before a forest fire descended on my life. This is about 9 years ago! Incredible. The time. Can it be this long!? How did I survive this turbulence …