Month: March 2017

This Blog is lost

.. that’s right, it simply doesn’t know where it started, where it is, nor where it is going to, it isn’t even moving or displaying any other form of life, or is it? Here a few photos that I recently uploaded to my, similarly inactive, instagram account @oversevenseas – Come not join me over there, too when you have a moment! We can be sloth like together, and perhaps you will witness the magic emergence of purpose in the near future!  

Taking inspiration and courage from the small silver linings of life…

What are they? Those elusive silver linings at a time when international politics has gone upside down and many are scared, me included? What are those silver linings when the intercontinental love affair that has now lasted over 7.5 years also be the primary┬ácontributing factor to the situation┬áthat I may have forfeited my residency right in the country that I have called home since the 90’s !? When all that nomadism has rendered me quite penniless, quite literally, at this moment in time? When health is shaky because stress is constant? Silver linings: First and for most of course the answer just has to be: Espresso is a primary silver lining! And: I have had the great luxuries that money can or can’t buy: time. I have had a lot of time in the arms of the one who truly loves and supports me. I have had time, a lot of it, to become the person I am, which would have been impossible in an easier, more standardised and more secure life. I have a …

notes: What price to pay for love ?

A list of rhetorical, pondering questions: What price is love worth? Would you give up your home, life as you know it, your career, your vocation (irrespective if it is working for you or not), would you give up your successes and failures, your friends, your books, your everything that sort of makes sense to you right now? Would you hand over your right to reside in a country that you have called home for 20 years? Would you hand it all over for love? Could you handle it? Would the weight threaten to crush your love? Could your love survive all of this loss? How would you handle the grief, the disorientation of this loss of everything? Would you experience as a loss? Add to all this financial instability, you have no powers, all your security nets are gone. How would you handle this? Would you still trade it all for love? How would love change? Would it change?