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What I read this month / Bookclub #1

“I read these books in reverse order and that worked out just beautifully for me.”

book club #1


From trying out life in America: Finally found a dentist .. What a relief!

report: Reasonably positive experience. Good welcome by reception, the dentist is definitely friendly and gentle (! yay!) and I’d be very happy to share coffee some time. bonus points: she likes popcorn, too.   I’m on the fence about: 1) the office set-up – there was no spitting sink with running water: only a suction device in my mouth.. 2) the follow up: I should have received an email with my x-rays.. I haven’t yet.   Would I go back?: YES if I had an urgent issue, but if I could I would prefer my UK dentist, simply because of cost and 18-20 years of trust.   Recommended?: I don’t know how other dentists in the area are, so if you need one then I would say YES. If you can have other options in Europe with your usual dentist or you need a lot of work done then I’d say: wait and go in Europe. The total cost for entire procedure required (I only took the emergency portion and will complete in the UK): …

It is time for the weekly: shout-out #3

So by now you get the idea right? I try and make a weekly shout out about one of the fellow bloggers whom I notice are passing through my pages. So here is a link to Adventures in Southeast Asia a blog by Rachel Wingo who relocated herself to Cambodia for work in Phnom Penh. I will enjoy taking an occasional look on her blog to see what she has discovered and how her writing develops. Her blog is quite new still as she only just relocated a few months ago. But I love to hear about and from other women who don’t let anything hold them back and try out another way of life. If you are reading this and are over 30 then I would be particularly delighted to hear about your ‘not-standard-normal’ life. I am currently in a state of flux and have been uncertain which way to move forward for some time. I think it really helps to hear about other adults out there, who live unconventionally but don’t consider themselves drifters …

Yoga review: Ke Yoga

I just wanted to give you a quick review of the Yoga class that we attended yesterday after running into a Yoga teacher on one of the central streets in the old city of Padova, Italy. Laura was really friendly and let us know that the first lesson is free to attend. I like this as a bargain hunting human but a part of me thinks that the teacher’s time is valuable and I am not sure that free lessons are necessary. I think it is fair to pay any teacher for their time and experience.  In my mind this is also a way to show one’s appreciation and respect. But of course it helps us a lot if we get the chance to join a class for free. Class fees for two people can quickly rack up to a lot of money. About the class: Laura’s class is slow and gentle, it is up to the students to get the most ‘work’ out of it. The guidance is evenly paced and there is a …