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From trying out life in America: Finally found a dentist .. What a relief!

Reasonably positive experience. Good welcome by reception, the dentist is definitely friendly and gentle (! yay!) and I’d be very happy to share coffee some time. bonus points: she likes popcorn, too.
I’m on the fence about:
1) the office set-up – there was no spitting sink with running water: only a suction device in my mouth..
2) the follow up: I should have received an email with my x-rays.. I haven’t yet.
Would I go back?:
YES if I had an urgent issue, but if I could I would prefer my UK dentist, simply because of cost and 18-20 years of trust.
I don’t know how other dentists in the area are, so if you need one then I would say YES. If you can have other options in Europe with your usual dentist or you need a lot of work done then I’d say: wait and go in Europe.
The total cost for entire procedure required (I only took the emergency portion and will complete in the UK):
US: $1800
UK: $600 max (likely my cost will actually only be $50, due to low income)
Germany: $0
What I did pay for the emergency portion: $215
What I would pay in the UK: $50 contribution for the first visit then: free treatment
What I got: one tooth looked at and emergency work done
What I would get in the UK for the $50: all teeth examined and all teeth needing attention worked on.
US passes, UK wins, Germany wins even more.
I have attended dentists in Germany, the UK and India and this was the first time I was very confused by the absence of the spitting sink with running water, or sat on a chair that didn’t fit into Star Wars. It all felt like 1970’s. Not that it is a bad thing, but it is a little unusual.. Add to this that the cost is so much higher I am simply mildly confused.

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