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another chapter of trying to figure out how life in California works.. today I tried buying a bagel…

“Hello. Can I have a sesame bagel with jam please”
“gosh!” (but I pay anyway)
…. waits 20 minutes….
“here’s your bagel”
“hang on, there is no jam, I didn’t want butter”
“it’s not butter”
“well, I would like jam”
“it is cream cheese”
“no thanks, can I have jam please as requested when I arrived and paid?”
“we are out of jam” “there is no jam” “no, absolutely no jam”
other member of staff intervenes: “we have jam”
6 minutes later:
“here’s your bagel”
spreading the miraculously appeared jam on the bagel.. hmmm… it smells strange for a sesame bagel.. hang on … Oh I give up!
“excuse me, I would like a refund, this is an onion bagel with jam, not a sesame bagel with jam…”
get’s refund, leaves the cafe still exceptionally hungry and wondering why a bagel that can never be the actual bagel one asked for costs $4.22 when service clearly is sleepwalking with reluctance..

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