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For my birthday I would like you to save money

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It’s as simple as it sounds, or even more simple. As a birthday gift to me but also to you I would like you to sign up to Transferwise with my link, especially if you get paid in USD but live in another country and are currently losing money on exchanging your USD into your own currency.

I recently came across a post of a Digital Nomad Facebook group member asking how a person based in South America can get paid in USD. The group members offered a lot of different answers but the simplest and most money saving one of them all was Transferwise. You can open a USD currency account with Transferwise even if you are not based in America. It’s worth exploring.

  • You can register with your home address.
  • For example if you are based in the EU, then this is your primary location and you first open your Transferwise borderless account with your EU address.
  • Then once this is all set up you can add a UK and US account, able to receive and hold £ and $.
  • Each account will have its own account numbers that are fully functioning and you can receive payment into your Transferwise account just like as if it was a traditional bank.
  • Please let me know in the comments if you are having troubles setting this up and I’ll try to help you out..

What to do: When you struggle taking the first step.

I have nothing to sell here. But this is my experience when struggling to take the first step in life and maybe sharing it with you is helpful for you, too.

Bear with me because to start with all I have is this one liner. It might sound a little pathetic and not very profound but here it is:

If you struggle to take the first step then just skip it! Sometimes life simply doesn’t work linear. You probably think this is stupid. Here are a few examples when it worked for me:

Example #1 Reading Greek Tragedy. I started Antigone by Sophocles several times and each time just couldn’t get past the first few pages, my eyes rolling back with boredom. But some people I admired spoke highly of this play (the book is written as a play for the stage). Before giving up on reading I opened the book one last time and skipped the first few pages. I know you aren’t meant to do that, you can’t possibly be a serious reader, this probably means I am not educated and cultured enough… I blew those thoughts away and read. I was gripped. I chanced on an early passage that captivated me. I read the book cover to cover in a weekend. And started it from page one immediately after and re-read the entire play once more. To this day I love Antigone and how timeless it is, how poignant it remains relevant no matter what decade or century we are in. Skipping page 1,2,3 was the right decision.

Example #2 Emigrating. You can’t move to England because you don’t have rich parents. The assumption was I should first go to university or get an apprenticeship, then get a job, then save up and then take a vacation in the UK. Maybe, and just maybe then I could look for a job in the UK and relocate. Maybe. I was 19 and didn’t listen. I moved to the UK with a suitcase, a guitar case and a duvet, taking a long distance bus. I remember arriving in London Victoria with my belongings and waiting for the bus that would take me to Liverpool, the place I moved to. Acting now and skipping steps 1, 2, 3 was the right decision.

Example #3 Doing a Postgraduate Degree in London without enough money. You can’t move to London and accept the offer of a lifetime (a postgraduate degree program at the university of my dreams) because you can’t afford to live in London. Maybe you can apply for scholarships and go next year. But what if next year this opportunity won’t be available or my financial situation the same. You get the idea, I went. It worked out. Was it easy? NO, but it was the right decision. I once again skipped the official first step.

Times I listend to advice of taking life steps in order and how that worked out for me:

Example #4 Writing for a newspaper I love. You can’t write for us because you don’t have a degree in journalism and you are only 19 years old. Get back in touch when you have been to university. Working with Amnesty International: You haven’t been to university, we don’t think you can provide value. In hindsight I now know I could have contributed a lot if only somebody had said: “Well, how about this: Write a series of correspondences about your experience as a 19 year old moving from your home city that you love to live in England, but we can not guarantee that we can pay you but we will take a chance on you because how inspiring and bold of you to leave Germany for the unknown future in England.” or “We at Amnesty International haven’t unfortunately got a big budget right now but why don’t you come in for a work experience to see what we do in the office and perhaps we will find an aspect of our work that you could then stay on and get paid to help with.”

Example #5 Starting a Family. You can’t have a child until you are financially secure. In short: due to an unexpected long-lasting illness I missed my fertility window. I now will never have a child of my own, no matter how ready we are. I am grieving for this life I now will never know.

These are not the very best examples, I am typing them as I am standing at the kitchen counter, trying to persuade myself to take another 1st step and feeling unable to.

The things in my life I regret and mourn are the times I believed that if I can not take step 1 right now then I am not permitted to take step 2 or 3.

Then there are 1st steps that are different. The first step when you are feeling demotivated, perhaps sad, down, flat, out of self belief. What even is the first step and is it enough to take it? Sometimes you might have to jump right into the deep end. No matter if ready or not, no matter if you prepared the first step or just skipped the first 10, no matter if what you do won’t be particularly great. You’ll learn something! Sometimes it turns out a waste of time because it really is too haphazard, but I argue that if it helps you get moving, even if your train rolls off into the wrong direction, correct course as you are in momentum.

It’s worse to just sit and be stuck in the mud of life, fear, doubt…

Is it possible?

Is it crazy?

I better hope it’s crazy.

But will it feed me?

Well sitting here isn’t feeding you either.


Just go, do it. Do anything but allowing this doubt to consume you indefinitely.

How many years has it been now since you first had that idea? plan? wish? ambition?…

Find a way.

If you are hungry either way then you might as well have tried.

Perhaps better to be a failure who tried than one who didn’t.

If you are short of a skill or two then please check these places for learning:

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Youtube (but don’t get lost in there!)
  • Coursera
  • Masterclass
  • there are more out there

P.s. you may be able to tell, writing this today was a way for me to take a step. If you do want to support me then you could subscribe or press like buttons, use links on my website to sign up for things that interest you… I am also grateful if you would like to shout me a coffee or lunch:

My Referrals / Recommendations

Helping me help you.

If you use the links on this page to sign up for something I am recommending I will get a peanut in currency, this helps me to pay for the website costs and if anything is left over I will most likely buy groceries.

(I am only recommending what I have used and found helpful/useful/good or am serious about trying myself)

Here are my recommendations / services and websites that I use myself:

Submit your photographs to the stock website Shutterstock and offer your images for sale to be used for a variety of purposes (websites, blogs, magazines and more.) You will be paid different prices depending on the file size you upload, quality and purpose of use. A print publication purchasing the rights to use your image for a full spread page in a magazine will pay you more than a small personal blog only purchasing useage right to a thumbnail. If you use this LINK and upload images, have them approved AND they sell then I will, at no cost to you earn 4 cents per image accepted.

More links coming shortly. Please leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions.

Questions about big change decision making.. (#2)

For whom it is a useful mental image, perhaps it helps to channel Tarzan swinging from one vine to another in the jungle. Or less politically problematic: A circus act. Letting go of the swing to be caught by the hands of the next swinging trapeze artist requires a tremendous (educated and rehearsed) leap of faith. Do you dare to let go of the old before you can firmly grasp the new, while hoping that you can reach the new just in time before the uncomfortable fall from the heights into (hopefully) the safety net?

Well enough of the hypothesizing. I am in the process of preparing to climb the circus ladders to begin the act of swinging the one swing I know I already can reach (the current and old) and then summon the courage to swing strong and let go…

and accept either the fall or emerge victorious on the next swing, or caught by the hands of change.

I just said less cryptic and stayed just as cryptic. Well suffice to say: Change is extremely hard and so is choosing between the old, current and as yet undefined new.

When did you last have to confront life changes with the courage of a lion?

How to look at indecision differently – maybe

Are you also finding yourself nearly paralysed by the stress of big decisions? We have a few existentially monumental decisions ahead of us, and we have known for a long time that we have to make these decisions. And yet, week after week turned to month after month of not being able to decide.

Why aren’t we able to pick which decision to run with? Why are the options paralysing us? I think it is perhaps in part poverty mentality. Being fearful of that there won’t be the option to change the choices we make now, the path we choose now. Being fearful of being stuck with whatever we settle on. (Of course you should ask yourself as we do: “What would be so bad about sticking with the path we choose, won’t it bring new experiences and opportunities of it’s own? Things we can’t even guess yet until we make a choice..”)

For us choice and the fear of once we have chosen having no more choice is tightly wound up with out sense of freedom and simultaneously with, as I said above, poverty mentality.

If you (we) didn’t have poverty mentality choosing should be simple. Just choose now and change later. It’s the fear of having every other option taken off the table that seems to paralyse and make it impossible to decide anything and instead waste months looking at the menu.

Speaking of menu.

How do you go grocery shopping? Do you walk into your favourite supermarket and feel paralysed by the options of ingredients, unable to decide which to buy because if you don’t buy the other ones then you won’t be able to cook the other possible dishes? No, of course you don’t experience the choice of groceries and goods in this way. If you are anything like myself then you allow yourself to be inspired and feel joy at loading your basket. Even if some of the items in your basket are in there purely for inspiration and want, not because they have a very specific purpose. However You go grocery shopping, it probably is not with the fear of never being able to return to select ingredients for a future meal. You know and trust that the supermarket will be here next week and you don’t have to feel the burden of having to make decisions for the rest of history right now. You can take it one grocery shopping trip at a time.


Can’t life be more like buying groceries? The choices that are paralysing us, you, me, them, anybody, should be joyful opportunities, not evidence that we should fear and stress the gravity of life. Maybe age plays a part.

Should we talk about this another time? Age and how it influences the lightness or gravity of our choice making.

I don’t claim to have arrived at a conclusion or prescription. But consider for a moment: could your choices be more like available goods on the supermarket shelf, could you enjoy choosing and imagining what you can do with these ingredients.

What are the ingredients that you have available to select for your future life?

We have Biiig heave life-choice-groceries to choose between. I won’t pretend that I have my fear of choosing under control. But I’ll try and think of what we could do as an adventure and I’ll try and not let age be an excuse for giving up. What would I choose if I was 20, 30 or just turned 40? Should I make a choice based on what I might choose in 20 years from now?

Nobody knows where we will be then, metaphysically, historically speaking and in our personal case also: geographically speaking.


Treat life choices more like your favourite grocery store experience. Be excited about what is on the shelves. Don’t be afraid of the possibility of empty shelves tomorrow. It could happen but in all likelihood the shelves will still be stocked when you are done with what you pick today and want some fresh choices.

We can have almost everything but definitively not all at once.

(My absolute beginner – of all ages – series of articles of ‘How not to stay poor and instead make money online & with the gig economy’ will continue soon. Check in soon if this is something that interests you. I have nothing to sell at this point but may in the future.)

Living for (almost) free in San Francisco

but it comes at a price.

Part #2 of my Absolute beginner Entrepreneur series is delayed.

A side effect of housesitting is that the timing of when we move between houses is not entirely in our control. So just as I may be ready to resume photo and text creation & editing; a house move may be on the cards instead.

House moves are time and energy consuming, they often lead to a backlog of business tasks that get pushed further and further back, while new tasks pile up on top, leading to a somewhat insurmountable mountain of tasks. But maybe that is just called: Being self-employed.

It is November 1st and my plans of launching my own separate business and my new and improved Birgit 2.0 are indefinitely delayed. This was meant to be the year in which I film & publish 100 interviews and to be honest it could still have been that year but the mental toll taken by the wild uncertainties and restrictions of an unprecedented global event just seem to have short circuited my capacities for creating positive change for myself. Oh but not my capacity for impossibly long sentences.

So where are we?

In San Francisco?

By this point in the year I envisioned myself to be creating a handsome revenue from my new business, I wasn’t expecting financial miracles but I was sure that by the last quarter of 2020 I would be making an income that I would be proud of. Instead: not so much.

This is however where my little ebook – course – project comes back in. I still want to share with you things that over the years have helped me create the financial emergency buffers and/or extra money to allow us to travel internationally. The way I did it is nothing special and everybody can achieve a few extra thousand dollar annually (or insert your currency here). There is the potential for a couple of thousand a month, it depends on your location, your engagement and your willingness to sometimes be uncomfortable.

Last weekend we touched on the importance of opening up the channels by which money can reach you. It recently took me 2 weeks of sending several messages before I prompted a travel writer I have been following for 18 months to finally get her set up. My point being that as a content creator aka provider of travel imagery, recommendations and stories she should have an avenue that allows us to tip her for her labour and time.

The art of writing and image creation takes time, and when done well it also takes skills that require further time to build. Consider what you access for free online and what it took the creators of the content to provide it for you. I am not saying everybody has to whip out their wallet every time they read, view, watch, learn anything but it is one of the possible ways to ensure that there will be more of the same in the future.

Other ways (aside from paying them) to support the creators, authors, artists, educators whose work you benefit from include ensuring that you press the like, subscribe and clap buttons (they vary depending on what platform you are using). Leaving a short, relevant, appreciative comment is also of value. Why?

As a reader, viewer, student, audience of any type you can help create more visibility for the content creator you want to support, simply by ‘engaging’ with their offerings. The platform algorithms may take more note of a creator whose post gets comments, whose page receives clicks and retains the viewer longer. More engagement can lead the algorithm to reward the creator by showing their post to more new viewers.

Where was I?

Really I just wanted to check in with you to let you know my follow up post for ‘Overcoming poverty mentality. Take control over your finances. How not to stay poor, use digital technologies to help you regain more financial control’ is a little delayed. It takes longer to write than a pondering mind flow..

Where do dreams live? (journal of an emigrant)

Having experienced life on different. continents, having become familiar with different life perspectives I think I may have a little bit of an idea of where dreams may still be found alive, even in 2020.

I often find myself questioning my own wisdom of having chosen this peripatetic life abroad, ever more removed from my native language and the culture of the place that I am from. Moving away at first seems like something that is always reversible. After all, all that seems necessary is a ticket home, right? But as that cliche saying goes: You can never step over the same river twice. And as you can’t revisit the same river you will also never be able to return home. Not the home you left because you will have changed and the place you once belonged to, too, will have become another.

The people you leave behind remain on their respective paths, while you have catapulted yourself out into the stratosphere of difference. How do you return from that? From having seen the world, not just seen it but having become a part of it, the wider world, not the localised experience of the world.

Your, or perhaps I should write this in the first perspective, my comprehension of what is and what isn’t, what is possible and what impossible have all changed beyond recognition. If I was to meet myself circa 1994, my mind would be blown, but then again, perhaps it wouldn’t. I think if you have the power of being a dreamer then everything becomes imaginable. If I met my future self back then in the past, I think I would be able to understand this me of this 21st century.

Less pondering about time travel.

Who do you become when you leave the place that your friends stay behind in? Can you go back? I don’t think you can? I think once you become an emigrant you will forever stay foreign no matter where you will go. Even when you ‘return’, you will return as a foreigner to the place that once thought it knew the entirety of you. Maybe all this says is that we each are unknowable.

No, I think once you experience so many different world perspectives you become a little bit suspicious to your old friends. Is it a kind of envy? Or a kind of pity they feel for you, having estranged yourself? Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Maybe another question I should ask myself is this: Do I want to return? What is the price of return? What is the definition of return? Return to the old? I don’t think so. Who could bear to return to their old self, the self that since their time of departure experienced so much?

What does a returnee bring with them?



And why is it that it seems as if one’s adventures hold so little interest to those we return to? I have noticed this many times, how I would go on a journey, return to my respective home and find nobody really cared all that much to hear what the world outside looked, felt, smelled or tasted like. Why are we so disinterested in other people’s adventures? Is it lack of time?

I always felt sorry for the memories that I gained but that found no eager ears and eyes upon my return. Imagine all those memories, sitting in the crevices of my synaptic folds and wondering why they only matter to me, who experienced them. Why is it of so little interest how I watched the water buffalo get a wash with a sponge and a bucket of water, by the side of the street in Mysore, Southern India?

Maybe it was my choice of presentation? Maybe I never tried enough to share these small memories that felt so wonderful. Maybe my list of adjectives wasn’t evocative enough. Quite possibly.

Maybe the memories got stuck in transit not for lack of interest but because I didn’t realise that the medium I chose to convey them wasn’t quite the right one.

Dreams. Don’t you find, too, that it’s been a while since they felt possible? Why is that? When did we all stop even having time to remember our dreams? What are your dreams? What do you dream about? Do our dreams dwindle simply by the reality that the amount of future ahead of us depletes as we age? Is that a thing? The older we get the less entitled we are to foster dreams?

Dreams definitely relate to time. When most of our daily time is taken up by the countless tasks that are required for our daily survival, how can we dream. But if we don’t dream about anything nor for anything then what kind of life is that.

Dreams live where there is time and time is where we make it, take it, insist on it. Having time has a lot to do with choice and that’s a hard sell if you were to tell me this while I am merely surviving. If somebody was to tell me these are your choices I would have to hit them. Nobody purposely chooses a dreamless life. And I don’t believe that everybody has choice. But a lot of people do but don’t acknowledge it.

Excuse me for all this pondering, but I declare dreams to be alive EVEN and especially in 2020, because we need them. Many dreams may be in ICU and hanging by a thread but it IS time to continue dreaming and living some dreams once again.

The neurotic ticking off destinations travelled to is probably not that good a dream to pursue, but what is wrong with some dreams being quiet and small? Why do we all of a sudden feel that we can not have what we dream of?

So if I wanted to live between 2 continents, why can’t that be possible? Because it’s not the done thing? Because I have no wealth? Watch me, maybe it is possible and maybe even without burning myself out in the process.

Do you want to buy a house but have little money, maybe none? Tell me, because I think many of us can still manifest this dream. We just can’t have everything, not all at once. But if you had to pick 3 dreams, what would they be? Tell me any random ones coming to mind. I am curious.

One of my current dreams is to find something purposeful that I could do while living in Asia. I might never live this dream, but I can dream and desire it with all my heart. It’s my dream and it is a possible one. Even in my mid 40’s, why should I as a woman not be able to live such a dream if I choose to?

Another dream I currently have is to buy a house somewhere on the East side of America, maybe the Berkshires, maybe upstate New York, maybe Vermont or something up that way. Somewhere with snow in the winter and gorgeous colourful autumns (fall seasons for you American folks – remember I still am so confused between British English and American English). Why shouldn’t I be able to still manage to buy a house in America, even if I have nothing to show for my life as yet?

Another dream I have is to complete a second postgraduate degree, publish essays and photography in magazines and books and work with clients on narrative tableau vivant type photo shoots. Teach a semester or 3 at a university and make a healthy living with the photography work, with some video and Art direction thrown into the mix. Why shouldn’t a woman in her 40’s be able to do this? Society moulds us to expect our lives to be so limited. As if opportunities only existed for the younger ones among us. Is it true? Maybe but maybe even this truth has limitations, and not everybody subscribes to these.

Another dream I have is to buy a spacious place in Germany. It actually can be a small place and I would rent a separate studio for my working life, in that case a small place would feel spacious enough, as all my work materials could reside in the studio / office space (and the studio/office would be tax deductive, how practical is this section of my dream, and ultimately how simple are these dreams?)

I also have dreams that I know I can not have, and to think of them causes my heart to feel sore. And finally I have dreams that I am keeping as little secrets for myself, for now.

So where do dreams live in 2020?

In spaces where there is silence. You can not dream if you are perpetually stimulated and perpetually consuming. Dreaming is an act of creation and creation needs silence, and a part of silence is time. Create time, create silence. There dreams live.

Is there an age limit to the capacity for dreaming? I don’t think so, but I am only in my 40s. This is a question worth exploring. Are you ever too old to dream or do you (we) just think you (we) are?

p.s. As I just wrote some keywords for this journal entry I realised I didn’t even address the elephant in the room: The American Dream. Can the American dream even still exist in this time? This deserves it’s own journal entry. I think this is a huge quandary to ponder another time as it is so tied in with the politics of our times.

Part 1 / How to escape poverty: A Guide in baby steps (I believe in you!) (English and German text)

English (German below) – please excuse imperfections: This is still a rough draft. The final version will be edited and tidied up later for an ebook action course.

Q: How can I escape poverty? I feel hopeless and beaten down by life.

I think we can help you remember some of your power.

How to escape a poverty trap, in effective baby steps. (Let me know in comments if I am going too fast or skipping any question you may have)

It is important to first of all to pull one’s head out of the sand as soon as possible. It is time to profit from the digital revolution. It is not too late, you are not too unintelligent nor too old or too young. The obstacles, if you experience any are likely in your mind. (I know that there are access differences, my friends in Cambodia would not be able to benefit from my digital revolution suggestions with the ease that you can, so please, use your relative privilege.)

Don’t let fear of violation of your personal data keep you from benefitting and improving your life in noticeable and tangible ways. If you alow your fears to rule you, then you will leave 100s maybe 1000s of $/£ on the table each year. Don’t allow fear to confine you in a poverty trap. You can do better. You deserve better. Let’s make a go of it.

You can secure your personal data with the aid of better passwords and you can even open a second bank account that you don’t link to your existing one. This will prevent anybody accessing your existing account. But this is just a secondary measure that you could take but please don’t let it be the hurdle that stops you from taking action right now. (Let me know in comments if you already face a hurdle at this stage.) 

Now to the first tasks for you. Here are the actions for your day 1 homework. 

Day 1

  1. Open a Paypal Account. The instruction on the screen is really quite easy to follow. 
  2. Don’t feel defeated when you don’t fully understand something or can’t find a needed button immediately. Take your time, you can do this.
  3. Use Google to learn for up to one hour how to create a safe password. ‘dog123’ is not safe, but marginally better than just ‘dog’. But in either case you may as well take your passport, your banking details and your medical records and throw it all out into the street. So take your time. But also not so much that you stop moving forward.
  4. Now you have opened your first Paypal account and created a pretty safe password. , saved the password in 2 places in your home. (Because nobody can remember all these passwords, but don’t worry too much about writing it down, a burglar is unlikely to identify your passwords if you are messy, and even if you are not: who has the time to sift through all your handwritten notes? It’s not 1970 when we all had very little..)
  5. The next step is to connect your Paypal account to your Bank Account. Keep it simple, use your existing bank account for now. You can again follow the instructions on your monitor. Take your time. It all seems more intimidating when it’s your very first time doing it, you’ll feel more confident soon. Paypal will send you a few cents / pennies to your account to verify that you are the account owner. You now just need to wait 1-2-3-4-5 days until the money arrives in your account. Once it does you will return to your Paypal account, log in and enter your details..

Day 2

As I said, it will take a few days. It depends on your bank, on your country’s internal financial setups. It seems to vary slightly from country to country at what speed things move. But once you see the paypal deposits into your account CAREFULLY note them and enter them into your Paypal Account when it asks you for verification that you are the bank account holder of the bank account details that you stated. 

The most important is that you need to drop your fear of the internet or you won’t be able to step out of poverty. You won’t be able to access a side income that you can conveniently achieve in your own time from home. Nobody will be able to help you if you don’t do this to help yourself. 

Trust the process.

The next action steps for you are coming soon.. Please subscribe, check in again next weekend and let me know if you have opened your Paypal account and linked it to your bank account yet. Share if you had any difficulties. I am looking forward to cheering you on and telling you the next action baby steps how to continue. Let’s get you some money! You can do it.

Just to write the first draft of this section of the guide took about 4-5 hours in total. This includes also the pre-writing the idea, then this rough draft in English and German – thinking in two languages is quite the challenge) If anybody feels inspired and already has a PayPal account here is a way to shout me a snack / give me a tip.: – This actionable guide is here for you to enjoy free of charge no matter what. I am just sharing this option as I have been asked by several people to share a way that allows them to show their appreciation for my advice..

GERMAN below (English above) – entschuldigt die etwas rohe Form & Präsentation, das hier ist noch eine grobe Vorschrift und wird in Ihrer fertigen Version nochmal frisch und ordentlich zusammengeschrieben bevor ich alles in einer eBook Anleitung zusammenstelle.

Q: Wie komme ich aus der Armut heraus? Ich fühle mich hoffnungslos und vom Leben niedergeschlagen.

Ich glaube ich kann Euch helfen Eure Tatkraft wiederzufinden und dabei etwas Stärke zu empfinden.

Wie man aus der Armutsfalle mit Hilfe von Babyschritten herausfinden kann. Eine Anführung für totale Anfänger. (Laßt mich im Kommentarbereich wissen falls Ihr noch Fragen habt, die ich noch nicht beantwortet habe und bei denen Ihr Hilfe braucht.)

Wichtig ist zuerst:

Den Kopf sobald wie möglich aus dem Sand ziehen. Es ist an der Zeit von der digitalen Revolution zu profitieren anstelle sich wegen der Angst vor Verletzung seiner Privatsphäre in der Armut festzubeißen. Man kann seine persönlichen Daten mit hilfe besserer Passwörter und u.a auch einem zweiten Konto, relativ gut und sicher absichern. Es braucht aber kein zweites Konto um anzufangen. Ihr könnt das auch später noch an Euer Paypal Konto ankuppeln und Euer Konto, das ihr zum öffnen von Eurem Paypal Konto benutzt habt von Paypal löschen. 

Begebt Euch nicht aus Angst in eine Position in der Ihr mehrere 100 bis mehrere 1000 Euro im Jahr auf dem Tisch liegen laßt. Ihr könnt und verdient besseres.

Auf keinen Fall stur das 21. Jahrhundert verweigern. (Das würde ich übrigens auch gerne REWE sagen, die haben mich nicht online im supermarkt bestellen lassen, weil ich mit meinem Computer in Amerika sitze. Das ist der sicherste Weg Kunden an Amazon zu verlieren.. Rewe… Hört ihr mich? Wir sind im 21. Jahrhundert, warum kann ich Euch mein Geld nicht geben!?)

Jetzt zu den ersten Handlungen die Ihr machen müsst (da gibt es kein drumherum) damit es im Leben wieder aufwärts geht

Tag 1

  1. Macht ein PayPal Konto auf. Die Anleitung auf dem Bildschirm ist eigentlich sehr einfach zu folgen.
  2. Laßt Euch nicht aus der Ruhe bringen wenn es nicht sofort auf Anhieb fließend funktioniert oder wenn Ihr einen Knopf nicht sofort finden könnt oder einen begriff nicht ganz versteht. Laßt Euch Zeit. Ihr könnt das.
  3. Benutzt Google und verbringt 1 Stunde zu lernen wie man ein sicheres Passwort aussucht. ‘123hund’, ist NICHT sicher, aber besser als nur ‘Hund’.. Bei Hund (und hund123)  könntet ihr aber eigentlich auch gleich Euren Reisepaß mit Bankauszug und Impfpaß aus dem Fenster werfen. Also nehmt Euch Zeit, aber auch nicht soviel Zeit, daß Ihr Euch nicht vorwärts bewegt.
  4. Ihr habt jetzt also Euer erstes Paypal Konto geöffnet und ein sicheres Passwort kreiert (das müßt Ihr auch für Email machen) und es in 2 sicheren Orten aufgehoben – es kann sich ja schließlich kein Mensch diese ganzen Passwörter merken. Wenn bei Euch Unordnung im Haus ist braucht Ihr Euch auch garkeine Sorgen machen, daß ein Einbrecher Eure Paßwörter findet..
  5. Der nächste Schritt ist Paypal mit einem Konto zu verbinden. Wieder der Anleitung auf dem Paypal Monitor folgen. Dann kann es ein Paar tage dauern bis Paypal Euch eine bestimmte Zahl von Cent schickt, die müßt Ihr dann angeben bei Paypal, damit Paypal weiß, daß Ihr wirklich die Kontoinhaber seid. Es hat außer Euch ja niemand einen Einblick was ins Konto reinkommt. Daher ist das verlässlich und wenn Ihr dann in ein Paar Tagen bei Paypal einloggt und dort angebt wieviel Cent Paypal in Euer Konto überwiesen hat wird Paypal Euer paypal Konto zum Empfangen von Zahlungen freistellen. (Ich weiß, hier kriegen bestimmt wieder viele total Angst. Aber es sind nicht mehr die allerersten Tage des Internets. Banken und Paypal halten Eure Daten sicher. Auf Euer Passwort kommt es an. Ist wie Haustürschlüssel.)

Tag 2

Wie gesagt, das dauert jetzt erstmal 1-2-3-4-5 Tage. Kommt drauf an wie das in Deutschland gehandhabt wird, das unterscheidet sich sicherlich ein bisschen je nach Land. In England ist meine Erfahrung auch anders als jetzt in Amerika, wo in der Regel vieles etwas flüssiger geht als in meiner Erfahrung in Deutschland.. 

Am wichtigsten ist jetzt jedenfalls die Angst vor dem Internet loszulassen denn ansonsten wird das nichts mit dem aus der Armut steigen. Da wird einem auch sonst keiner mehr helfen können. Ihr müßt Euch jetzt erstmal selbst helfen und dazu gehört eben dem Internet vertrauen.

Vertraue dem Prozess.

Die nächsten Schritte kommen bald. Abonniert bitte meine Seite und kommt in ein Paar Tagen oder nächstes Wochenende, für die nächsten Schritte, wieder. Bis dahin habt Ihr dann hoffentlich auch schon angefangen Euer Paypal Konto zu eröffnen und hoffentlich ist es sogar schon aktiviert und mit Eurem Bankkonto verbunden. Schreibt unten in dem Kommentarbereich wenn Ihr auf dem Weg Probleme hattet und auch wie Ihr sie überwunden habt. Ich höre auch gerne falls ich noch etwas erläutern könnte was beim PayPal Konto aufmachen helfen würde.

Lasst uns Geld verdienen. Ganz nebenbei von Zuhause wann es Euch zeitlich reinpasst. Ihr könnt das!

Aber Ihr braucht ein Paypal Konto sonst geht NICHTS!

Diese grobe Vorschrift für diesen Teil der Anleitung zu schreiben hat, inclusive der ersten Idee vornotieren und dann den zweisprachigen Text zu produzieren, in etwa 4-5 Stunden gedauert. In 2 Sprachen zu denken ist ganz schön anstrengend aber macht auch Spaß. Wer möchte und schon ein Paypal Konto hat kann mir hier ein Trinkgeld geben: – Diese Anleitung wird aber immer umsonst hier für Euch stehen, es gibt also keinen Druck. Ich teile diese Option nur mit weil mich einige gefragt haben ihnen eine Möglichkeit anzubieten sich für meinen Rat und meine Zeit zu bedanken.

Coming soon: How not to live in abject poverty – indefinitely

(or) Why you will wither away and live the rest of your life in poverty unless you join the 21st century technologies that are freely accessible to each and every one in the Western Hemisphere and to some extent beyond. (German below)

In my upcoming article I will discuss financial victim mentality and offer simple practical steps to overcome it (at least they are actionable baby steps). This will require your participation. I can offer you one possible way, the implementation will be up to you.

This article will be available in both English and German. I think it will be ready for you in time for the weekend. Please subscribe / hit follow to receive a notification when I make new posts.

GERMAN below:

Ein neuer Artikel kommt bald. Arbeitstitel: Wie man nicht in schrecklicher Armut den Rest seines Leben verbringen muß.

(oder) Warum Du den Rest Deines Lebens in Armut verbringen wirst, es sei denn Du nimmst am 21. Jahrhundert und seinem Technologieangebot teil. Man kann etwas daran tun und ich beschreibe einen möglichen Weg wie.

Ich werde kurz Armutsmentalität ansprechen und daß man ihr nicht ausgeliefert bleiben muß. Egal wie lange man schon an ihr leidet.

Dieser Artikel wird in Englisch und Deutsch erhältlich sein. Ich lade ihn etwa gegen Wochenende hoch, wenn er hoffentlich fertig ist.

Where to get a Covid Test in San Francisco (October 2020)

I just spent way too long finding a place to get a cover test. The test results were dominated by private offerings and United Airlines soon offering Covid tests to people flying to Hawaii. Neither was what I was looking for.

So without further ado here is the link to the San Francisco Government page, where I found a good list of 30+ places testing for Covid-19, including free Covid tests for uninsured people as well as private options.

If like me you just wanted to find out if Pier 30 is still operating and testing then yes, Pier 30 still tests for Coronavirus. Voila. I hope I just saved you the tedious jumping around forums and articles about United Airlines that I went through.

If you want to thank me for my time and for sharing the solution (rather than just fighting my own battle and leaving you to fight yours) then please just let me know which testing center you will go to and if you have time then let me know in comments how it went. I would really appreciate that as I am test phobic and a hearing your experience might be helpful.