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For my birthday I would like you to save money

Instead of receiving gifts and cards I would like you to use my referral link to sign up to Transferwise

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It’s as simple as it sounds, or even more simple. As a birthday gift to me but also to you I would like you to sign up to Transferwise with my link, especially if you get paid in USD but live in another country and are currently losing money on exchanging your USD into your own currency.

I recently came across a post of a Digital Nomad Facebook group member asking how a person based in South America can get paid in USD. The group members offered a lot of different answers but the simplest and most money saving one of them all was Transferwise. You can open a USD currency account with Transferwise even if you are not based in America. It’s worth exploring.

  • You can register with your home address.
  • For example if you are based in the EU, then this is your primary location and you first open your Transferwise borderless account with your EU address.
  • Then once this is all set up you can add a UK and US account, able to receive and hold £ and $.
  • Each account will have its own account numbers that are fully functioning and you can receive payment into your Transferwise account just like as if it was a traditional bank.
  • Please let me know in the comments if you are having troubles setting this up and I’ll try to help you out..

Losing my home aka The Move or ‘What if?’

After the first 3 emotional updates I wonder if I am ready to accept the situation and begin to move forward in a more constructive manner. I am still contemplating possessions and their place in my life. What amount of attachment is healthy and when does it become unhealthy to hold on?

Evidently holding on to more than can fit into a vehicle is impractical, but that doesn’t stop most people. I spent much of the day looking at everything I own, one item after another and the progress of packing, letting go, moving remains extremely slow.

I realise that I am losing time in my life over this. This is time I could and should enjoy or build, instead I am looking back and yes, I am holing on because it is frightening to let go. Have you ever seen the Disney Movie of Cinderella with the cute mice? Did you notice one of the mice who was trying to hold onto too many cheeses at once? That’s how I feel now. That IS me.

(To be grammatically correct it should ready: That is I. But that isn’t how the majority of people speak so let’s not split hairs over linguistic perfection.)

Here I am with too many cheeses and I can’t carry them all. I often picture myself not making it out of a burning house because I can’t rescue everything I want in time. And so I stay inside, immobilised and that is that. Or here is another image: Did you ever see the monkey whose hand is stick inside a cage because he won’t let go of the banana that doesn’t fit through the opening? Yes that, THAT, is I. Is me. I am trapped by a design of my own creation.

So fearful of what if, that I stay velcroed to objects and memories.

But what if?

Dear Fanchon Fröhlich

Dear Fanchon, I continue to think about you long after you have gone. Your company, art, book collection, inspiration and soirees won’t ever be forgotten. Neither will my first experience of opera and La Traviata.

I wish time could, for just a day, be a-linear and allow me to skip back to June 10th 2016. I’d choose differently.

I would take a taxi to the distant part of town to see you before I left. My poor choice of not saying goodbye is something that forever haunts me. I hope you knew how much you mean to me, still.

Fanchon Fröhlich & Academic Friends at one of Fanchon’s eagerly anticipated soirees

Losing my home part #3 update.

I have been trying to get move ready for 14 continuous days. And I am not ready to leave. It remains a task that seems impossible. Yesterday I waxed lyrical about mindset and in the future focusing on financial wellbeing. But after taking another 2 cars full to the storage unit today I simply crumbled.

It doesn’t help that the unit closes at 6pm, a time that is just too early in the day to be able to get anyone to help me move after their day at work.

For the most part I am alone with this entire experience. Here and there a friend has a few kind words, two friends helped me move a batch of belongings but ultimately it’s my stuff and my problem.

I almost rented a van today but am now so glad that I didn’t. After moving the two loads today I couldn’t lift my arms and could barely stand up. If I had rented a van it would have been a waste. There is only so much I am physically capable of doing.

Having so many attachments to material possessions that I clearly can’t handle them on my own should be enough of a message to let go. But where do I begin? I have already let go of at least 60% of everything I had 10 years ago. What is left of me when nothing that defines my interests and life stays in my life?

I always dreamt of a library of books. That’s what I have. But that is also what is breaking my spirit now that I had to move it. I held on to art and frames to keep OPEN the possibility for me to return to creating Art. Something I had to give up when it was a choice between my relationship or my life as an Artist.

It would explode the parameters of this post to go into why I HAD to choose. I resent it when people choose the easy, to them, option of blaming my partner. It isn’t his fault. I wish people would take time to understand before judging.

I didn’t want to give up my art work and life as Artist but love was more important. Yet what does it say about everything that I am holding on to my art materials.

When I look back then a lot of what I created wasn’t even all that good. Or was it? People still tell me that they love my Art work. And I did win awards. I was mentioned as an artist to watch in 2011 by a leading British newspaper, I had other achievements to report beyond these.

When I have to say goodbye to my possessions that anchor me in this past in which I clearly knew my identity then I am dying inside. I sacrificed so much to reach a certain point as an Artist, then I gave all that up to invest in love, but I thought maybe, just maybe I can find space for myself again.. somehow.

Well. And now I should let it go.

What should I let go? My Art materials? The 1 meter by 1.5 meters of frames? That would cost me at least £1000 to remake, and at minimum double this to have someone else make them for me??

I find myself confronted with a hard reality that I have been able to partially avoid until now. I am not interested in minimalism. How can I create from nothing?

I am becoming so desperate now that I may throw out a stack of magazines that are a useful source. Fuck the internet. Don’t even tell me “you can look everything up on the internet.” I call utter bullshit on this notion. There are so many things wrong with this belief that the internet is the answer to everything. Also here is a little reality check: There is NO way that the internet will remain free and available as it is today. The cost of participation won’t always stay this low. What if I want to have access to knowledge and inspiration when the electricity goes off? Or when I simply don’t want everything being mediated to me via a screen? Aren’t you sick of everything requiring your screens? I am. And I can say that as an absolute tech nerd who also praises technology for all the benefits it brings.

But I don’t picture my life with a computer screen and a bed and nothing else. That’s not the quality and aesthetic I want to invite in my life. Why am I the weirdo for wanting to curate a life of meaning captured in objects?

So do I have to give up on these photography and craft magazines now? I got them as a resource. If we take all our resources to the tip / recycling centre then what do we grow from? What do we build on?

This is also one of the friggin’ loneliest times in my life. And it feels like I speak a different language from everyone around myself. It’s like they can’t comprehend, not even a little, how traumatic a loss of a home is. What is happening to people? Can they really not imagine what it is like, physically & emotionally, to lose a home and having to face moving everything?

The amount of people who tell me to get rid of everything! It’s distressing. Why don’t they get rid of their life’s meaning? “Ah, we don’t have to move.” That’s not a good explanation why they discount what is integral to me.

Mind you, when I look around: the majority of people have stuffed their own lives full to the brim, too. Why can’t they show empathy!? At least what burdens me is what I create with, hope to create with. Other people pack their bargain hunts into every crevice of their homes.

It’s no use.
I need to let go. Of something.

The futon I wanted to keep for guests of the future. Stacks of magazines I spent 100s on to purchase to keep in my library. The many countless objects that set the scene on the stage of my life.

So far I have moved 6 storage unit trolleys full into storage (trolleys are now the measure for my belongings.). I think I can move 6 more before the unit will be too full to accept more. But I don’t think that 6 trolleys will be enough. I will have more still.

Excuse my circuitous ruminations. It’s a horrible experience. And it’s all the harder for going through it mostly alone. (with the exception of the 2 friends who offered helpful relief.)

An update to losing my home – June 2022

Technically I have 2 days remaining before I need to be moved out of my home. If you have never been asked to leave before then I don’t know how to convey to you the visceral grief this is causing in the body, my body.

I have spent days trying to pack, days in such deep grieving I could barely move, I have discovered how to manage to go back to sleep when the stress wakes me up, I have discovered how friendships are real but they don’t replace a professional emotional support professional nor do they guarantee the muscle power and vehicle access needed to accomplish a task like mine.

It’s hard. I have now spent 3-4 weeks in a state of panic and that is certainly not healthy. It also doesn’t help in making simple strategic decisions.

The truth is that I don’t want to move, I feel like I can’t. But I must. I have finally gotten storage. That should have been the very first thing I made arrangements for but an extremely stressed brain may not be able to perform even the most basic tasks. Not even the most obvious ones. Circle back here when you have experienced that yourself. Until then it sounds unimaginable.

I was hoping that I would manage to let go of a lot of things. Instead I spend a day to let go of 5 items. At this pace I will spend a year sitting outside the house on the sidewalk (pavement to you Brits) sifting through what remains, which is the majority of it.

My apartment (flat to you Brits) measures about 75 square meters, an ungodly amount of it is a labyrinthine hallway that serves no real use. Despite this huge size there are only 2 walls in the entire flat that can accommodate art work or a book shelf. As sunny and fantastic as the flat is in many ways : it was always impractical for creative purpose.

Why am I sidetracking? I am trying to tell myself why it is good to let the apartment go. I just need to let go.

What is the cause of the panic?
Longterm health issues, fear of falling down a patchy social safety net, fear of never finding a sun filled home again, regardless of the size. Fear of many things, existential fears. All rooted ultimately in a lifelong entanglement with lack of trust in myself and the world.

How fast an investigation into one’s emotions turns into what amounts to a mental health analysis.

I’m ok.
THIS is my cue to thrive. because THIS surely is rock bottom. And from here are few options. And the only one I can subscribe to is the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes and crumbles of a life that didn’t go according to plan.

I lost my home, maybe you are losing yours one day. I have just spent 4+ weeks unable to deal with anything else at all besides managing this experience of leaving my safe place, my stuffed to the rim with my past life’s creations apartment. Since 2009 I have spent countless weeks letting go of belongings I accumulated. When I had more time I would sell them on ebay, when I had less time I would give them away. Every time I came back to the UK and spent time away from the one I love I would downsize. (At the height of my career, when I lived with one foot in London and the other in the Northwest of England, I had 2 art studios, 2 places of residence and a storage garage when I began.)

It doesn’t need to be this traumatic. There is ONE choice we can make that will prevent all of the trauma.

The choice is called trusting yourself, myself, that what I know and can do has value and that it is time to get paid.

It is 2022 and I still sometimes accept payment that undercuts what my peak earning potential was in 1999. I am being honest with you because this is not ok and I know many others who also remain stuck in times past. I have seen many clients in the last year who seem to feel that there is virtue in not asking for enough payment for their time and service. I have had clients who conflate making a living income as an entrepreneur with immoral wealth generation of sharks.

The longer we don’t adapt to the new economy the worse the outcome. And yes, it may just make you homeless, too. Perhaps you aren’t renting but you own a place? Well, imagine your house burned down. Could you survive in the current economy? If the answer is no then something isn’t right.

I am obviously currently consumed by dealing with the emotional tsunami of grieving parts of my past identity and struggling with concealing my rational brain with my emotional attachments. I am still trying to reduce my belongings but I also am going to have to accept that I still can’t let go of enough of the noose that my possessions form around my neck. I can’t let go of enough for it to not be a life limiting burden. No matter how rational I am able to think, I can’t overcome emotional attachment in a hurry.

I IMPLORE you to begin your process today. Let go of one item each and every day for the rest of your life. Let go of more than you acquire. Poverty and fear are your driving forces if you can’t let go. Both need working on.

Imagine one of your cluttered rooms in a year from now, if 350 items were gone from it the next time today’s date strikes your calendar. I promise you relief.

Your financial welfare is a separate topic, but you may find that if just a few of the 350 items you let go of sold for a few coins then it might inspire you to reach for more (money not stuff!)

Where does this all leave me today?
It is 3pm, I am typing this far too open message to you to calm myself down and coax myself into taking action today. I have only 3-5 effective hours each day. That’s not enough. But we need to work with our limitations. Not having more energy doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying to keep going.
Keep going.

I will now bite the sour apple and research a van rental. I haven’t driven in 4-5 years and am nervous about that, too. This eviction is challenging me on SO many levels. But I have now concluded that it may be easier to face my own weaknesses than to wait for others who take time to help me. I don’t actually enjoy asking for help. But when I do and people have their won lives to manage then I feel deflated and unloved. And a whole rabbit warren of emotions unfurls. Instead I will just be my own woman and power through this. Then I can let friends share their genuine care for me in the other ways that they have available. They aren’t bad friends for not having the bandwidth or physical energy to get involved in the mess that I created. This is my mess, my problem, yes I would LOVE more help, but also YES it’s ok that I deal with this mostly on my own.

I have had one friend go above and beyond helping me with the first large load of belongings. I don’t want this friend to feel that he has to do more. And to avoid him feeling that I have to make some progress now.

I, I, I , I… maybe it is useful to hear about my emotional world as I navigate eviction, losing my flat, trying to move through emotional attachment to material possessions and move out of the place that gives me one of the last bits of security. After this there is only 1 anchor left in my life, my beautiful relationship. Imagine the fear I feel that anything could happen to it.

How to feel less fear: Grow more by challenging yourself more.

Challenge #1 rent a van and drive the friggin thing.
Challenge #2 write my course material outline for my clients / students. Define my goals and offering clearer so that my clients know what they are investing in and what to expect.
Challenge #3 uncouple myself a little from my dependance on my romantic partner. Make a bit of space to grow myself and be able to contribute more back into the relationship. As a longtime ago friend once said to me: The columns of a building have to stand apart to hold up the building. Quite true.
Challenge #4 I think 1-3 is quite enough for today.

And what should YOU do if you are evicted?
• Find money to pay for storage.
• Get boxes (pay for clear ones if you can = much easier to see what you have)
• Pack thematically.
• Move in stages or move all at once, whatever works for you. For me moving in stages is easier.
• Breathe, keep going, work to your schedule as much as possible. (I can’t do mornings during this time. Everything I do takes place in the afternoon & evening.)

• Change your relationship to earning money. Change your attitude to others. Aquire trust and optimism, despite any evidence you may hold to the contrary.

If that means wildly oversharing in public then that is fine. Maybe more people should be honest about hardship. Maybe then we all could feel less like we are the only odd ones out here.

When to withdraw my payment from Preply or iTalki?


What’s the highest amount of $$ you’ve had in your Preply or Italki account before withdrawing it to your PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer or bank account? I’m asking because I always let it accumulate before withdrawing my payment. I wonder if anyone has ever had any issues with ‘saving money’ in their Preply or iTalki account?

The most I have ever stored on a teaching platform is $1600. In hindsight I wouldn’t do that again. I now ALWAYS schedule to transferring money out sooner because Preply and iTalki are teaching platform service providers not insured banking institutions. 

In the event that any teaching platform will abruptly cease business there isn’t a guarantee that they would still be able to pay out all outstanding payments. Teaching platforms aren’t an insured bank. Your money is always going to be safer stored in a bank. Don’t even leave it on a platform or on PayPal or Venmo or other payment service provider either: bank it where it is insured. Borderless banks without brick and mortar are also an option. I use three Transferwise / Wise, Revolut and N26. I have another article comparing them and why I currently regularly use Wise to receive payments in multiple currencies and to save money on transfer fees. And why I use Revolut for daily purchases and how Revolut compares to using my credit card for purchases.

In summary: transfer your money out of the teaching platform and to your bank (traditional or borderless) at the end of a set period of time that you decide. Every 10 lessons, every week, every 2 weeks, monthly. It depends on your income as well as risk tolerance.

Only store on Preply (or elsewhere) what you can afford to lose.

When language learning isn’t showing progress

Question: I have an Italian language student who improves extremely slowly. I have tried everything I can think of to support her learning progress, with no results. She is becoming frustrated and I don’t know what else to do. I have suggested that she take an additional tutor or learning system but she said she wants to study with me or she will give up studying Italian. (You can swap Italian for any other language of course)

Do you work with a course book? Can you revise an additional resource list that fits with the general themes and chapters of the course book. This list can include Youtube videos and children’s quizzes, comic book pages, graphic novel sections, multiple examples in different formats and different media of the same grammar or theme or vocabulary.

You can gather a list of material resources that compliment your existing lesson material over time. It will be useful for all students. 

Don’t try to move too fast if the foundation won’t stick. Make it feel ok to not do well. Remember that there are other benefits to language learning besides language fluency. It’s good for brain health and for lifelong confidence to keep trying even if the student doesn’t ‘succeed’. At Stanford they found that students who succeed easily develop less brain synapses than those who keep trying, irrespective of failure. Language learning is also a social experience, which is good on many levels including for mental health and expanding the student’s cultural horizon. 

You could encourage your student to save up and take a weekend trip (or a longer vacation) to Italy. Arm the student with a daily list of phrases to use. Day 1: 3 phrases for the supermarket. Day 2: 3 phrases for public transport. It again isn’t about being able to hold a conversation, it’s a suggestion aimed at breaking the barrier between the student and simply trying to apply the language irrespective of the outcome. Send them to the supermarket with a list of phrases. 

In fact you can send your student to their own local Italian Pizza restaurant or ice cream parlour with 3 phrases to say during the visit. Literally 3.
Having an experience of using the language, even if just 3 phrases is going to be a memorable event for them. The student will face challenges and will need to find courage. This experience might go well or show that one of the deeper problems to their language learning is fear. This is something you can work with.

I have experience from both sides. I teach languages and also tried learning Korean. In my own language learning journey I noticed that I started feeling too ashamed to continue because I made too little progress progress. On the other hand as a teacher I also have had a German language student who couldn’t pick the language up and I eventually I told them I felt bad for taking their money. In hindsight I now understand that I shouldn’t have done that. The student didn’t feel frustrated until I expressed my worry that I am not providing enough value. The student enjoyed trying.

Referencing this last example, be vigilant to not let your frustrations or concerns influence your students’ enjoyment and experience of their lessons with you. Be constant. Don’t use speed of learning as a metric to judge the success of your language lessons (as a teacher or student). The success can be that you are doing your best, that it is enjoyable, that it opens cultural pathways and imagination and more…

Bring the joy back. 
It’s ok to not do great.
It’s even ok to feel like hardly anything sticks. 
Enjoy the process.

Keep it simple. 
Aim lower first.

Maybe repeat a core concept for a small portion of every lesson until it sticks? Or just accept it might not. 

Let’s make this public – I am losing my home …

I am losing the foundation on which my life has been precariously perched for years. The news came yesterday. With an ominous foreboding starting a few days ago.

My reactions range from speechless, frozen, fluttering nervously, heartbroken, fearful, sleepless, restless, struggling to make sense. I may share the experience of losing my Homebase, my roots, my foundation. My art studio, my belongings and my home, my safe haven.

I may not. But the reason to share would be that in this world I am not alone facing hard things. If I can share the utter helplessness and fear I feel now and if I share my journey as I pass through this storm and hopefully not sink, if I can share the light and calm at the end of all this then maybe someone out there will feel reassured that even from the hardest times from the most disadvantageous times can rise something that isn’t so bad or maybe it will even be great.

But for now, in this moment, I need to remind myself to breathe, so look towards the light and not make myself sick with worry.

An irregularly beating heart valve isn’t the best of starting places to digest one’s existence having the proverbial rug pulled from beneath its feet, rapidly.

I can’t claim, of course, that I didn’t see this coming. I did. I have been anticipating this moment with trepidation. But there was nothing I could do about it.

A lot of blame (or let’s call it cause) falls outside my control. I didn’t vote for Brexit, nobody could have predicted a global pandemic. And I am not in charge of immigration rules. There was more outside my control. But those aspect that feasibly could be judged to be inside my range of responsibility and within my own control I wasn’t able to figure out.

“Make better choices” unempathetic people may say.

That is so much easier said than done when inside this tangled spiderweb of cause and effect, intermingling complex consequences.

What now?

Forward. Through the panic, through the fear, through the migraine. There is no other way now.

Writing my way through it may help me. And maybe someone else will benefit seeing that from forest fires Phoenixes sometimes rise.

But in truth: it feels terrifying and horrible and I feel like I can’t do this. But it isn’t a war and even in this trauma is a small sliver of privilege.

I have to vacate my apartment. It is on the other side of the world and the task is huge. Home. This is a lot.

new series #1: daily journal of personal bits and pieces

Trying something new. This is more for personal benefit than it is for you but if you want to stay in touch with me or get to know me better and know what influences my choices then in this series you can.

I cam across a review of Bangkok as one of the safest cities in the world. They speak about UK market towns (sleepy towns) that are much less safe than a dark soi (back alley) in Bangkok at night.. 😊 I agree. I have been to Bangkok several times and always felt unbothered and at ease. I know how to be on alert in urban settings and I found no immediate necessity for this second nature skill during my times in Bangkok.

Listening to Bangkok Pat talk to his Youtube colleague, while carrying on with knitting our chihuahua a sweater. You could argue that this is a terrible use of time. I argue that it is a meditative practice that is restorative to the nervous system and in these wild global times and uncertain personal times taking care of the nervous system and keeping the physical stress responses in check is a necessity.

Applying for a Thai Visa in March 2022

Visa Application & Planning travel to Thailand. This post is for you if you have anxiety applying for your visa to visit Thailand. If you feel stressed and uncertain then you are not alone. Let’s do this together. Step by step.

Let me know how I can help you pick up the energy to start the application and return to Thailand. The motherland of all tasty things, culture, sounds and scents that nowhere else can match.

(The steps start after the next paragraph, which is a diaristic midstream of how this all feels for me, and maybe you recognise a little of yourself.)

It’s now been officially an eternity since we last had the opportunity to spend time in our favourite country in the world. The global events of 2020-2021 were hard on us all and travel may be a little frivolous a concern but is mental health frivolous, too? I should speak just for myself: Thailand is a place in the world where I feel at ease, my soul gets to catch its breath and I need that. Regularly. Wherever your place of restoration is: make sure to prioritise to make time and create resources to allow you to be there. It’s wonderful if that is your community and coffee shop, but for me Thailand is perfect. Let’s cut to the chase. Applying for visas is ever more daunting after this long period of intense stress and isolation. The visa application process for travel to Thailand has changed and there are more steps now. I also previously travelled from the UK and need to navigate a different system here in the USA.

My current situation: I am waiting for a new passport in the mail and I don’t yet know my travel dates. It could be soon or maybe it will be many months. I thought I share this with you. Maybe you, too, have an obstacle of unpredictable life and uncertainty. Get started anyway. We will do it together. Click on this picture and start your application.

I will add the steps in the order that I am doing them here. As long as the list is incomplete it means that I am still in the process of applying. Please start your own process and come back after each step and tell me how you are getting on.

Monday February 28th


  • Create an account on . You need to type in your name, your email, create a password. (keep a copy of your password, seriously.) Then you need to go to your email and confirm it by clicking on the link you received. (This process takes 2 minutes). The website uses a captcha, where you have to type in distorted letters to prove that you aren’t a spambot. Once you do all this (2 minutes) you are in.
  • Now I have an account on the Thai government website to apply for my Thai e-visa. (I’ll continue to write in the first person from here on.) Let me know below if you have completed this 1st step, too.
You should now be inside your account. (Please tell me if I ever accidentally leave personal information on public view. I try and keep it private but I appreciate your support. I sometimes overlook things.)

This picture shows what the Thai e-visa account looks like before you begin your application. What’s next?

  • Decide and select the purpose of your trip

Select: What will be the purpose of my visit?

This is actually surprisingly difficult for me. At this early stage I am not sure if I will be able to stay longer than 30 days even if I can qualify for a much longer visa. Here are some of the options that stand out as attractive to me personally. Standard single entry tourist visa (drawback: I won’t be able to visit my friend in Cambodia. But I probably wouldn’t be able to afford too much travel anyway.) A short course education visa (single entry, I am not sure how long this visa can be for.) And then I spotted this incredible visa that I haven’t heard anybody speak about anywhere: STV visa = Special Tourist Visa. It would bring the total possible duration of stay to 270 days! Oh I wish I could just say YES to that! It is however also just a single entry visa. Which makes sense considering we are still at the tailed of a global health crisis. Choices..

What I would most like would be the original 60 day tourist visa that can be extended by an additional 30 days to bring me to an optional 90 day long stay in total. My heart of course wants to stay longer.

Which one applies or appeals to you the most?

next post (coming soon): Women travelling to Thailand, where are you? Follow this blog and leave a comment, I want to hear from you.

another post coming soon: Planing my journey to Thailand to take my dog to the dentist.

The future of Thailand

Just a short thought: Perhaps Thailand will become more like South Korea or Singapore when it comes to its visa requirements.

Maybe Thailand is done with low budget mass tourism and is ready to change its image by moving more towards focus on business and high class tourism. Aside from that this could one day price me out of staying in Thailand for extended 4 month trips I think this is a good thing. Aren’t all the people expecting Thailand to remain unchanged asking Thai People to stagnate and remain economically submissive and serve a wide smile with every dollar item we purchase from them?

I have long wondered if a lot of our attitude to travel wasn’t rather condescending towards the people of Thailand (and beyond). What do we wish for Thai people if we for just a moment consider what is best for the people of the country that we claim we love so much? Is it best for them to continue serving boozed up backpackers and (sometimes) grumpy; judging by the forum posts I read; retirees?

I think I am ready to be witness to seeing Thailand level up. It already is an economic powerhouse, Bangkok is a world class city. New visa regulations may just be the latest changes to claim a different global standing.

I AM sorry for everyone caught up in new minimum income / minimum bank balance requirements. Many people have nowhere else to go. They bet on Thailand. I do feel compassion for them and the anxiety they likely feel.

I found a couple of youtube channels that may be useful reference points for you online.
1) Integrity Legal Thailand

2) Hailey, Thailand Elite & Retirement Visa Specialist

This was all for today’s paragraph fragments, served and unedited straight from my brain. What do you think? Will Thailand fundamentally change its image? Do you approve?

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

(I am thinking I may write more regular short thoughts of the day to record the fragments that pass through my mind while I cook or go about my day.)

German Christmas Essential Cinnamon Star Cookie Recipe

How to make my favourite Christmas cookies in 2021 – because we need them!

This post is for a friend! And for all of you who are in search of the Christmas scented spirit to brighten up otherwise dull days. I wrote this recipe for a friend, who every year reminds me that I still haven’t shared it with her. Here it is, at last. With a few cinnamon star drawings sprinkled around for good measure.

It really is the most delicious Christmas treat. I highly recommend making it. x

Share your photos with me if you do.

Finding Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco

Let’s start exploring San Francisco together. No words, just photos.

Photo of Point Lobos creek valley
View towards The Pacific Ocean from Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco
Point Lobos Overlook
Dry plants in California – November 15th 2021
American Telephone Pole / Electricity Pole
View towards Golden Gate Park from Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco
View towards Golden Gate Park from Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco