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For my birthday I would like you to save money

Instead of receiving gifts and cards I would like you to use my referral link to sign up to Transferwise

so that at any time in the near or distant future you will save a generous amount of fees compared to using traditional banks to send money within the US or between countries from wherever in the world you are. Using Transferwise saves a lot compared to using Paypal. You can use it to send money or open a borderless bank account and receive payment to it.

It’s as simple as it sounds, or even more simple. As a birthday gift to me but also to you I would like you to sign up to Transferwise with my link, especially if you get paid in USD but live in another country and are currently losing money on exchanging your USD into your own currency.

I recently came across a post of a Digital Nomad Facebook group member asking how a person based in South America can get paid in USD. The group members offered a lot of different answers but the simplest and most money saving one of them all was Transferwise. You can open a USD currency account with Transferwise even if you are not based in America. It’s worth exploring.

  • You can register with your home address.
  • For example if you are based in the EU, then this is your primary location and you first open your Transferwise borderless account with your EU address.
  • Then once this is all set up you can add a UK and US account, able to receive and hold £ and $.
  • Each account will have its own account numbers that are fully functioning and you can receive payment into your Transferwise account just like as if it was a traditional bank.
  • Please let me know in the comments if you are having troubles setting this up and I’ll try to help you out..

The future of Thailand

Just a short thought: Perhaps Thailand will become more like South Korea or Singapore when it comes to its visa requirements.

Maybe Thailand is done with low budget mass tourism and is ready to change its image by moving more towards focus on business and high class tourism. Aside from that this could one day price me out of staying in Thailand for extended 4 month trips I think this is a good thing. Aren’t all the people expecting Thailand to remain unchanged asking Thai People to stagnate and remain economically submissive and serve a wide smile with every dollar item we purchase from them?

I have long wondered if a lot of our attitude to travel wasn’t rather condescending towards the people of Thailand (and beyond). What do we wish for Thai people if we for just a moment consider what is best for the people of the country that we claim we love so much? Is it best for them to continue serving boozed up backpackers and (sometimes) grumpy; judging by the forum posts I read; retirees?

I think I am ready to be witness to seeing Thailand level up. It already is an economic powerhouse, Bangkok is a world class city. New visa regulations may just be the latest changes to claim a different global standing.

I AM sorry for everyone caught up in new minimum income / minimum bank balance requirements. Many people have nowhere else to go. They bet on Thailand. I do feel compassion for them and the anxiety they likely feel.

I found a couple of youtube channels that may be useful reference points for you online.
1) Integrity Legal Thailand

2) Hailey, Thailand Elite & Retirement Visa Specialist

This was all for today’s paragraph fragments, served and unedited straight from my brain. What do you think? Will Thailand fundamentally change its image? Do you approve?

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

(I am thinking I may write more regular short thoughts of the day to record the fragments that pass through my mind while I cook or go about my day.)

German Christmas Essential Cinnamon Star Cookie Recipe

How to make my favourite Christmas cookies in 2021 – because we need them!

This post is for a friend! And for all of you who are in search of the Christmas scented spirit to brighten up otherwise dull days. I wrote this recipe for a friend, who every year reminds me that I still haven’t shared it with her. Here it is, at last. With a few cinnamon star drawings sprinkled around for good measure.

It really is the most delicious Christmas treat. I highly recommend making it. x

Share your photos with me if you do.

Finding Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco

Let’s start exploring San Francisco together. No words, just photos.

Photo of Point Lobos creek valley
View towards The Pacific Ocean from Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco
Point Lobos Overlook
Dry plants in California – November 15th 2021
American Telephone Pole / Electricity Pole
View towards Golden Gate Park from Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco
View towards Golden Gate Park from Point Lobos Overlook in San Francisco

My 3 favourite Asia Life-Travel-Food Youtube Channels

3 Family friendly Youtubers sharing life, food, culture in Thailand, Korea and China

Paddy Doyle in Thailand

Paddy Doyle in Thailand is a friendly, wholesome, family friendly Youtuber, currently exploring all 77 provinces of Thailand on a little motorbike that he named ‘Dreamy’. Great viewing for anyone who has always wondered: “Why aren’t we seeing more about Thailand outside of the well known tourist hotspots?” Paddy is doing a great service to broadening all of our horizons and the next time we visit we should all take a leaf out of his book and get off the comfortable beaten path because it’s a big country with so much more to offer than the same same places. 

From his Channel’s About page: “About Paddy — I LOVE to entertain, educate, and inspire people to get out there and have adventures, so let’s explore the world, eat new and fantastic foods, and let’s just spread some positive vibes as we do so!”

ABOVE is one of his recent videos that I missed to watch and I only noticed because I went to look for a good video for you to view to get a first impression.

And how could I almost forget? Paddy shares beautiful drone footage of many of the places that he visits. If you are a Thailand geek then the drone footage is a must see. (I’ll link it HERE & BELOW.)

(I recommend that you play YOUR OWN music if Paddy’s choice doesn’t do it for you. I played this super cute and relaxing Korean playlist at low volume, while watching Paddy’s drone footage. It was the perfect combination for me.)

If you want to follow along Paddy’s 77 province journey then you can jump right in OR go all the way back to the first video of the Series #1. Link HERE .

When I first found Paddy Doyle’s channel during my research for channels to add to my huge list of 40+ Youtubers who are making videos from Thailand I instantly liked him but since following Paddy for several months my husband and I have grown increasingly fond of Paddy’s videos and now have a ritual of watching his latest Thai Provinces video, when it comes out, with our dinner. 

We really appreciate Paddy’s incredible work ethic. It’s a huge amount of work to not only ride a rickety old scooter from one province to another and on repeat but to also research locations, film and edit videos, maintain any semblance of sanity while doing all this completely alone most of the time and upload these videos on a reliable schedule. This is an extremely intense work schedule that he has created for himself AND the videos are enlightened. I mean this in terms of that Paddy Doyle’s videos give us a glimpse into so many provinces of Thailand, true, we mostly get just a little glance but if anyone wants to place a critique on this good man I’ll be the first to suggest: “Do what he does and try do it better, see how hard that is and then tell me your thoughts.”

Once you follow Paddy for a while you likely will likely get the same feeling as I do: Here is a genuinely decent young man with a vision and some dreams. A person with emotions who occasionally hints at that it isn’t all glittery and glorious when one goes on an adventure like the one Paddy embarked on and is taking us along with him. Every few weeks when a challenging situation presents itself to Paddy and his channel mission we feel with him and just want to cheer him on to overcome the obstacles. Maybe it’s just me and my husband who feel like this. Let me know in the comments: Do you find yourself rooting for a stranger on the internet, feeling protective over them when you see a negative comment somewhere? 

So I say: Give Paddy Doyle a Youtube follow and press the like button / thumbs up / or clap buttons wherever you see them. Because anyone putting their time and heart into putting a piece of themselves on the internet deserves the support that even a gesture like a ‘like / clap’ contributes to. This goes for any and all creators whose videos, photography, art, music or writing you ingest. Unless it upsets you: be supportive. 

Minna Oh with Miss Minna & Sweet and Tasty TV (2 channels, one creator)

Sweet and Tasty TV and Miss Minna are the brainchild of Minna Oh, a Korean American creator and owner of at least 3 Youtube channels. She presents her videos with an imaginative, slightly quirky but also grounded personality which makes watching her videos engaging but also calming. She is the kind of person you likely would share your birthday cake with. 

Minna Oh has captured and maintained a sense of wonder at the small things in life. You’ll know what I mean once you watch 2–3 of her videos. Sweet and Tasty TV is all about Korean travel and Korean food, including several instruction videos for making your own Korean food. While Minna Oh’s Miss Minna channel covers her travel and food experiences around the world.

She also has a third quiet* ASMR channel that I hear through the grapevine is awaiting a rebranding, so let’s see what new direction Minna will take it in.(*see what I did there? ‘quiet ASMR channel..’?)

I first found Minna Oh through a collaboration that she did with Mark Wiens**, sharing a meal together at a North Korean style restaurant in South Korea. Since then I have watched probably 25% of Minna Oh’s entire catalogue of videos. 2020 and 2021 were trying years and living and enjoying vicariously through Minna’s past travels and her 2020 Korean food recipe videos helped me get through …

(** Mark Wiens = the infamous food appreciator who got his start in Thailand and has since taken global travel food Youtube by storm.)

Minna Oh is frequently accompanied by Mommy Oh, her adorable and all food appreciating mother. Every food that Mommy Oh enjoys is the …… food (Fill the blank — yes you: the reader, I’ll leave you to watch some videos and fill in the blank. Put your answer below in the comments. Your prize will be: gentle fuzzy joy in your hear region.) 

(Below is the second one of Minna’s videos that I ever watched and it includes Mommy Oh — I love Thailand, I initially stayed for Thailand and now I stay for Minna and Mommy Oh.)

These are very family friendly channels and very respectful of people’s privacy: Minna Oh frequently blocks people’s faces with little illustrations of almonds to respect their privacy, unless they have given consent to being filmed. Here and there people stray into the scene and not 100% of strangers receive an almond for a face cover but I appreciate Minna’s thoughtfulness, extra effort and respect for others.

And if you also just love Thailand and need a huge list of Youtubers based out of Thailand in 2020–2021 then I have you covered. I researched a list of 40+ Youtubers in Thailand, link HERE, it includes a handful of women, POC and local Thai creators; I am always looking for more to balance out the scales of representation and so that we can see the most different perspectives and experiences possible. 

I LOVE your suggestions for channels that you think I might like, please share them with me. I am always on the lookout for new or new to me ‘Asia & world travel and food youtube channels’. 

Miriam Follin: A life in China & Sweden.

Miriam Follin’s channel is calming, informative, sharing glimpses of life abroad in China. A Swede who moved to live in China, married … then- moved with with her Chinese husband to Sweden. A bi-cultural life shared through the eyes of a woman who sees beauty and meaning in small things. Very family friendly, very calming. 

One of the reasons why this channel is special to me is because it shows the life of a couple who overcame, and perhaps you could say continue to overcome, cultural distances, differences, geographical and immigration regulations and are building a life and a family. Finding one’s way through the hurdles that an international relationship can present is no easy feat, no matter how dedicated two people may be. Likely there will be compromises and hardships along the way and I think it is wonderful to follow a couple who make it work. See how they navigate through the oceans of bureaucracy and adapt to each other and each other’s heritage. 

I don’t want to give too much away but there are now 2 babies and I am waiting with my breath held to see the latest updates from Miriam’s channel. Miriam’s husband Yonghong also started a Youtube channel so it is possible to enjoy following him during their, involuntary, time of geographical separation.

And for now that’s it. A list of just 3 Youtube content creators who dedicate a significant part of their channel to travel & life in Asia. Minna Oh and Miriam Follin share their experiences with the linguistic ability to five deep into Korean and Chinese food and life, while paddy Doyle does a great job at being respectful and showing us corners of Thailand that we might otherwise never see on one single channel. 

Remember to support content creators whose work you value.

I recommend that no matter what you do in life: Regularly collect feedback. Why? (read on)

I don’t know about you, or actually I do know a little bit about you: You are a human who occasionally forgets how good you are at something. What do you do when that feeling of doubt sneaks up on you? What if it’s worse and you battle a few of the hungry ghost mid-post pandemic anxieties, maybe even depression? How do you ground yourself? Please tell me because I have days where I could use ALL the tips and tricks.

Here is one of my best tips:

Regularly collect feedback from humans around you. In my case I sometimes question my value to others, so I collect feedback from my career development clients and business ESL students. They are a mixed bunch from around the world and have wildly different needs.

I can’t recommend collecting feedback & reviews highly enough. It is an absolute MUST not just for your emotional grounding but actually also for your professional present and future life. Reviews let others know that you are valued. Feedback lets you know what you can aim to improve. Caution: Feedback pointing at something that isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that one skillset that you are weak in makes you worthless, you know that right?!

You can ask friends to write you reviews & / or feedback. And then it’s time to get serious: Ask your colleagues, ask your manager, even the company CEO. Are you self employed, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a solo-preneur? Then ask your clients and customers. I promise this is something you won’t regret because you will gain so much reassurance.

Note that review and feedback potentially serve different purposes.

Give your people some guidance: You can say: I lay awake at night worrying and I need a reminder of what I bring to this company, to your life, to your experience etc…

Don’t let shame and embarrassment stop you from living your best life.

Today I spoke with one of my clients about shame and embarrassment about having lost skill in a specific area that is needed to support the work he is doing. He was embarrassed when his colleague helped him and swiftly concluded that perhaps he isn’t knowledgable and capable enough and should leave his profession. NO-no-no-no-no. Do not allow shame to stop you when you are half way to the finishing line. It’s not the skills gap that ruins careers it’s allowing shame to have a louder voice than the trust that a skills gap can be filled and that everything else we know and are capable of is valuable.

Collect reviews to stop laying awake at night questioning your worth and value in the world.

Today I looked through some of the reviews that I got this year. It looks like I may have been useful. Maybe time to stop laying awake at night worrying that I didn’t deliver enough value?
Some feedback from my students (unedited):

“I can’t recommend Birgit highly enough. Birgit is not only a great teacher but also she helped me a lot with polishing my CV and cover letter to be more attractive for my job applications. Moreover Birgit has a lot of business and consulting experience. Her insights and tips helped me enormously with my preparation for interviews and to increase my self-confidence in my professional life.”

“It was a great lesson. We talked a lot about social entrepreneurship and business in general. It is hard to find an English teacher who can discuss those topics in deep like her.”

“I recommend Birgit from the bottom of my heart! She helped me perfectly prepare for the interview. It was incredibly interesting to discuss my work (Digital Marketing). In addition, she had the ability to coaching and where I was afraid she led me by the hand, reinforcing my self-confidence as a professional.”

“I am so lucky person because I meet Birgit. She is my English and Business teacher. Today she consulted how can I improve both of my English and Business skill. Thanks!”

“Thank you very much. I should pay more for your time and help.”

“Every class with Birgit blew me away. She is amazing teacher and person. Thank you so much and I hope to see you soon.”

I can’t thank all these people from around the world enough. They trust me with their time and hand over the steering wheel into their future, for a brief time in their life but it’s quite a lot of trust I am being given.

Leave a comment please, I want to hear from you.

Please tell me in comments if you followed my advice and asked for reviews / feedback and tell me how did it feel thinking about asking and how did it feel receiving it?

Use my link to sign up to Wise & save on international money transfers (compared to Paypal or your traditional bank)

One way to support my blog, the work & time that it takes to write, is to use my Link to sign up to Wise.

Wise offers hands down THE best international currency conversion when you send money to yourself (or to friends, family, businesses) between countries. Wise also has a borderless bank account with wallets in multiple currencies. This allows you to get paid and/or safely store your money in multiple currencies.

When you use my link to sign up and use Wise for your money transfers abroad (you can do this without a bank account with them) I will receive a bonus to my own Wise account. I ONLY recommend Wise because the company has saved me well over $1000 in the last few years. (I periodically send money between the UK and USA and occasionally receive payments for Art work or services from abroad into my Transferwise account.)

Here is my WISE sign-up link.

This is called an affiliate link, because I get a reward for telling you about Wise. In case you have never before heard about Wise you can ask me any questions that you might have.

(Wise used to be called Transferwise before they re-branded with a new name. I wish they hadn’t because I don’t like change but that says more about me than Wise.)

Have you paid for Business Coaching? How much should I pay?

I have paid for money mindset & business coaching and I am also currently supporting 9 clients with their career development needs. As a coaching recipient I would say that you’ll get out proportional to what you put in.

At the start of 2021 I had 5 coaching sessions with a fabulous woman called Oriana Fowler (Coach to creative business owners & photographer herself.) She helped me through a tough patch and put me on my feet again. I don’t know her current prices and wouldn’t put them here even if I did. Why is that you may ask? Because prices change, and they should change, depending on the client and the specific change and growth that the coach is helping bring to the client. The fee can be a reflection of the value the work presents to the client. Who sets the value? Initially the coach and by a client to decides to enter the relationship at the quoted fee.

Q: “Can you not make this a bit easier for me? I have never had any coaching, what is a range I should expect?”

A: Where are you? What is your business / career that you are getting help with? What is your income now and what your target income goal? Or if not a monetary outcome then what is your coaching goal? What is the potential that you want to fulfil and reach and what is this worth to you? What will it cost you to move slowly or stay in place without support?

Coaching will (may) have a different price depending on the country that you and your coach are in. I imagine that it would be unusual to pay $300 for a coaching session in the Czech Republic or Poland, while in the USA a single session could cost this much (and more, or of course you could find a fantastic coach for $150 per session in the USA, if you get lucky.)

I apologise if I am not exactly helping clarify what YOUR coach is worth to YOU. It depends on so many variable. But in any case don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. I would say the same about physical trainers and therapists. A large part of the value that you are paying for actually depends on your willingness to put in the time and effort. Change won’t come from passive participation (of course you already know this.)

As for my own career development coaching sessions that I am hosting: 
My fee is proportional to my clients’ current and target income. I currently work with individuals from 3 continents and am testing an inclusive pricing strategy based loosely on income potential by country. 

My pricing policy is still a project in development and I am trying out hourly and package pricing models based on various metrics i.g. my client’s own hourly / monthly salary, cost of living, their target salaries when they are on track to get employed remotely by an employer in a high salary country. Let me know if you would like updates on this and if you would like to buy me a coffee or lunch bagel for my writing time then I’ll be grateful. It’s welcome but not expected.

Sorry for not (yet) throwing out numbers but without knowing the industry & country a client is operating they don’t seem to make so much sense. 
Venmo: @Birgit-Deubner

Another way to support my work & time is to use my Link to sign up to Wise.

If you have never heard about Wise or Transferwise then you can read a little bit about it here on my blog. And I am happy to answer questions about them if you want to ask me before signing up.

• post about Wise on my blog

Short Hong Kong Ambient Sound Walk – walking alone at night

My first ever Ambient Sound Walk in Hong Kong. As soon as the borders open I will return and film a revised sound walk for myself and anyone of you who also loves to see places from your desk. It is time to dust off this wonderful, humid memory and video file.

This was my shortest city visit that I have ever done but it stuck in my memory like no other (a little like the humidity that day stuck to my skin). I caught the Hong Kong Bug and dream of returning to this place that is so unlike anywhere I have ever been before.

I wish my Jetlag hadn’t been so strong and my stay so short, I would have loved to take so many more photos and videos of my 24 hour layover on my way from London to Bangkok.

If you would like to buy me a Hong Kong Waffle and coffee then I would love that! But letting a video run all the way to the end, leaving a comment and subscribing are also fabulous.

• (You can change the quantity of coffees and shout me 2, because double the coffee = double the happiness.)

Should I edit this video and upgrade it somehow? What would you want to see or know? Have you been to Hong Kong? Did you make a MUCH better video? Please let me know in the comments below. –


Since 2006 I have lived on 3 continents. It all began with a 4 month trip to Cambodia and India. Skip ahead several years and eventually I fell in love in Italy, had a long-distance relationship with an American that ended up with me being washed ashore the Pacific coast of California. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the little bell icon.


I use a Nikon D750 – But I’m no longer a huge fan of Nikon solely because of my customer service experience with them when I bought this camera brand new and had problems with it. To get any kind of service I had to put a man on the phone who knew no photography terminology. I’m not one to usually pay too much attention to sexism but on this occasion it was impossible to ignore.


I started writing about travel, housesitting, petsitting and health (including having surgery and recovering in America) on

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are loved.

Love isn’t always perfect, nor easy but remind yourself anyway: “I am loved”

So I just made this to remind myself and perhaps you, too: “My mother loves me.” Yesterday I just had this sudden urge to call my mother and tell her that she is loved. It’s like the universe nudged me. A phone call later and long story short: This phrase popped into my mind and I felt like sharing it with whoever see this. Because you should know it, you should be reminded of it. Because you deserve to remember: Your mother loves you, too.

(And in case its it’s not your biological mother than the earth, Gaia, or the divine mother. Feel loved.)

HERE is the link to the Fridge Magnet (available in 3 sizes).

Here is the link for the Tote Bag for your grocery shopping.

The prices aren’t dollar store prices so I completely understand if you can’t get one of these reminders of your mother’s love for you; but in case you ever run out of a gift idea in the future, the store also has mugs, postcards, t-shirts and aprons and notebooks and the postage cost will work out better when you get a batch of for example cards at once. I get a small percentage from the sale that I make there (to date they amount to only a handful of sales) the remainder goes towards the operating and printing costs that RedBubble has. RedBubble is the name of company I am using for this print on demand hobby adventure. If I make 2 sales I can go for a very nice cup of espresso somewhere. If I make 4-5 sales then I can buy my own bag of favourite Vietnamese coffee and ultimately make many cups = equalling: many happy mornings.

I plan on playing around with this idea a little more and I have a few other phrases in mind that someone out there, maybe I or you, shouldn’t forget. Maybe this is at last the gift to give to someone who has everything? Maybe you can just send them a card you made yourself. You could buy paint and a blank canvas bad and handwrite your own declaration of love.

But it would tickle me and surprise me if one day I should find another few dollar in the print shop. You are always welcome to surprise me.

With love from me to you, on another very late San Francisco night. Making very small projects still takes a surprising amount of time from start to upload, to fine tuning and then finally to sharing here on this little, often dormant, website of mine.

How do you build good credit as a recent immigrant in the USA? (German edition)

Question: I have received my green card. Do you have any advice for “building good credit” in the American sense? I have no US bank account, no debt, but also no clue about the best way to start 🙂 Thank you!

BoA Konto aufmachen. Dann Credit card beantragen (habe das in Person gemacht), deposit zahlen (bekommst DU ein Jahr später zurück). Annual fee zahlen. Im 2. Jahr anrufen und dann heben die diese Gebühre auf, dann ist die Kreditkarte kostenlos. Brav pünktlich jeden Monat mindestens den Mindestbetrag zahlen damit es keinen negativen credit rating gibt. Nutze Deinen Kredit aber nie mehr als 30% von dem was Dir zur Verfügung steht. (Kredit: $1000, dann nutze nicht mehr als $300.)

Ziel: 2-3 Kreditkarten haben, sie alle nur minimal nutzen und immer brav pünktlich abzahlen. nach dem ersten Jahr mal deinen credit rating nachschlagen. Wenn er gut ist dann für die zweite Kreditkarte beantragen, mit sign-up-bonus. 

Why I decided to teach English for $7 per hour

Clue: it wasn’t for the money.

I have always wanted to get an English teaching certificate and dip my toe further into the field of ESL. As a regular if infrequent German language tutor since the mid- 90’s and an occasional English language instructor during a spell of time when we lived in Padova in Italy I always wondered if I was missing out by not having taken my TEFL certificate. I always question if completing a Celta course wouldn’t improve my opportunities somehow.

Well, a certificate, no certificate, can make anyone a perfect person. No matter what theories and practices you learn a good portion of success will be based on personality. But as I mentioned a while ago: I eventually signed up to a TEFL course when I realised that I had spending more hours looking at courses, over a period of 15 years, than it would have taken to complete one. I may be exaggerating but you get the idea: Don’t think about it for too long because you might as well do it and find out what you need to know along the way, there are no perfect decisions.

But none of this explains what possessed me to sell my services online for $7. In my physical (and pre-pandemic) life I was paid a minimum of $35 and as much as $60 per German language lessons. Why would I back pedal to get paid less than at my first ever job when I was 15 years old?

Now that I am typing it out this really is crazy.

But it had to do with a) confidence building and b) I wanted to test out an idea for an ESL lesson that is a business and career development lesson. To form my idea and my target audience more clearly I could either sit at my desk alone and think about it and write up a business plan OR I could try it out on people in real life, who at the low fee of the $10 that they paid to the platform had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And so I started.

I also was hoping to fight a pandemic induced bout of depression that was hard to shift and laid itself like a solid roadblock between myself and everything else, ever other possible action. I wasn’t as successful with this plan as I had hoped but it was good enough. It got me through the past 4 months, while I learned to deliver value to my students. Sometimes I failed and many of my students were not the type of future client that I am looking for. Over time I gently removed them from my weekly schedule and of 38 students in the first month I have reduced my numbers to about 10, more or less active ones. 6 of whom are inspiring me to now finally write my course curriculum so that soon I can serve people back in my real, physical, hopefully post-pandemic life.

Sometimes it’s worth testing an idea, even if on the face of it you are risking the labour and time that you put in. I thought of the past months as a kind of internship. The pay was so low that in San Francisco it isn’t any money at all. What I made over almost 200 lessons pays for one week of a reasonable job in the San Francisco Bay Area.

But sometimes making no steps forward and even sliding back is better than not paddling at all.

This wasn’t the ideal approach and I know I am wasting my life and potential somewhat, but if you ask my students they don’t think so: They are grateful and appreciative and many have reported how helpful the hours with me have been to them.

Think of it as a paid coffee meeting with a stranger who will appreciate your time.

This post really needs to be edited !

Please subscribe to my blog and let me know if you would like me to tell you about my English language teaching project. And why I would work for less than 1/2 the minimum hourly wage for unskilled labour in San Francisco.