Month: September 2022

Artist Progress Report of clearing the storage of the Past : Sept 27th

1) Choosing between 2 book page sizes today. – It’s taking careful consideration of available data storage & necessity AND available print sizes with print-on-demand company. Probably going with 8×10 but I really like 8.5×11. The difference seems negligible but is significant.  1.2) I may start with page designs for 8.5×11 because they CAN be downsized. Whereas upsizing isn’t possible.  2) Currently scanning the last 3 negatives of my Art Foundation negatives. They have never been digitised and are the most irreplaceable. 3) Wrote down the steps to create the portfolio book. (This keeps the head clear) 4) Putting together the first Art Foundation portfolio pages. (Will add sketchbook notes in the future – they are now in storage) 5) THEN the most important and IMPACTFUL step:  Create digital portfolio pages of the physical portfolio I have here.  That will begin to show progress in clearing boxes. (I have 2 boxes of physical portfolios that are 50% duplicates and 90% can be discarded once I have the digital portfolio saved into the cloud & on …

Artist Progress Report of clearing the storage of the Past : Sept 26th

Sharing my daily progress Good morning. All good here. Tired and not enough sleep but good.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered the silica packets for safer storage for my books (£30 total). Hopefully I ordered enough. 😊 Am very happy with myself. I also pooped 3x this morning and feel much better for it.  My neck / shoulder is worse again than last night. But slightly better than yesterday morning.  Sitting at the desk now to make a MOVE. – I measured the size book I would like for my portfolio. I will use that as a template size in photoshop + 10% (to give me sizing wriggle room when printing. In case the print format available is a little larger than what my ideal size is.)  I also ordered an SSDsd drive to back up just this project. I got a super-budget Chinese one. Because it will only be my 2nd back-up. For the nerds among you: The way I usually store files is: • 1x on the computer, • 1x on …

Sharing Korean Youtube Channels that I really like

I accidentally slipped into the world of Hallyu = Korean wave, which encompasses K-pop, Kdrama and more. This happened in very early 2021 and I am totally hooked. So much so I even bought a Samsung phone (seriously!) This post has LOTS of video links to Korea related content. Youtubers, Musicians, Language lessons.. and more.