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Sharing Korean Youtube Channels that I really like

LOTS of categories for Videos set in & around Korea, the Korean language, music, culture, aesthetic, fitness, skincare and more.

American YouTube Content Creator in Seoul: Cari Cakes

Over the years I keep coming back to watch all of her videos. I like her choice of music and her video creation style. I like the diaristic aspect of how she shares about her experience. She likes books, Art, cafes, flaneuring around South Korea and sometimes the world. I find her content accessible and relaxing. She is one of the Youtube Content Creators who purposely ‘Romanticises Life’ and I like this. It is obvious that she does share some personal aspects of life but also that is a very curated experience. I don’t get FOMO from watching her content. The Aesthetic Youtubers that I also share in this post are a little too polished for me, but sometimes I find them relaxing. I think language barrier is also a consideration and may explain why some of the Korean creators choose to go for ambient sound aesthetica that doesn’t require translation..

Cari Cake’s second channel: Cari can Read

Super Sweet Korean-Australian Couple, please support
현 Hyun (with English subtitles)

Same couple again below but now on her channel: 호주사라 HojuSara
(Korean & English, with subtitle options). Please watch a few of their videos, especially the newest ones. You will see why that would be very kind of you to support Hyun, who I hope will receive the royalties for the watch minutes that you put in. He deserves is so much. x Share some love.

Remember to watch her last video. And leave some love. xx

Korean – Canadian Youtube Couple: 2hearts1seoul

Korean-American Youtube Couple (Korea & America)
레이진 [Raye & Jin]


If you can’t quite get enough of this relaxing aesthetic content then check out HamiMommy’s instagram, too! https://www.instagram.com/hami.mommy/

Korean Singer – John Park 존박

Korean Singer – 성시경 SUNG SI KYUNG

Beautiful voice – relaxing

Not to forget The Boss of K-Kop

You may need to watch it on his Youtube Channel on Youtube. The privacy settings can change at any time later: Some of his videos have a privacy setting that doesn’t allow embedding.: RAIN (비) , Rainism (레이니즘)

After watching Rain’s Rainism Dance Routine are you Inspired to get fit? Here is your personal trainer:

Jae-ho – Trainer & Physical Therapist unfortunately I can’t embed his video. But click on the link and you can watch it on YT. Get ready to get fit. : 9 Minute workout that is possible to do at home

9 Minute workout that is possible to do at home

Korean Music Playlists Channel – sort of Cafe style (better music is linked above)


K-pop Dance Lessons

Kpop Dance Lessons with an English speaker in Melbourne Australia. Each Choreography is broken down into several videos.

Now are you ready to Learn Korean?:

With a Native speakers: Talk To Me In Korean

One of the very, very best and most enjoyable resources available. Lots of structure, learning materials, free and paid options. Totally recommended. (I also really like Billy Go for how he breaks down the language learning process = link below as well.)

Korean with Korean Unnie 한국언니

Korean Travel Phrases with Mina Oh, an old video but she is SO nice, while you are here: watch ALL her travel videos:

Learn Korean with a fluent linguist – Native English speaker and GREAT information (beginner to advanced):

A WHOLE course for free on Youtube:
Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #2: Intro to 한글

With a language learners:

Fluent Speaker, please support her channel, I think it will help out her fiancé – you’ll understand when you see her latest video. xxx

Korean Skincare with: Sara Vi

Korean Comedy (shorts)

Cute and very likeable. In English.

Two white guys living in Korea, fluent in Korean, interviewing others:

In Korean with English subtitles, sometimes in English with Korean subtitles.

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