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Do affiliate and referral programs and people who share links make you cynical?

Not everything is a ponzy scheme designed to rob us. I see sharing affiliate links as something positive that is sharing what works for me and getting rewarded for it. Sometimes I make lists of things that might be of interest to someone even if I haven’t tried them myself yet. Some of those lists don’t contain any affiliate links. I once spent 2 full days collating a YouTubers in Thailand list. Effectively promoting them and making it easy for Thailand Youtube fans to find so many new creators. I made nothing from this work. But a lot of people clicked on it and used the links Right now I have a great offer from an online payment card that works borderless and has a string of perks, but I can’t for the life of me find a friend to sign up. If they did I could get $90 referral bonus. You have no idea how helpful that would be right now. I have phantasies of 10 people or 100 signing up and how much …

Before I forget: I want to tell you about Wise

Just some rough notes from me. When instead of typing and procrastinating I should be packing to get back to Jason as soon as possible! With the last couple of years having been so relatively stationary I almost forgot my account that I have with Wise. As I am inching closer to leaving the UK for another longer period of time, I am going through my bank cards and credit cards and stumbled across my card from Wise that expired over a year ago. That shows you how forgotten this account was. I didn’t even notice. But for the rest of the year I want to test it out more. I want to see if my students and clients will pay me either through Wise or in Etherium (another side project). Why? Well. I have at least 8 regular students and clients whoa re resident in as many countries. Currently they all go through PayPal, but that is expensive for them. I am using Calendly to schedule my lessons and meetings and it offers only …

Fear of letting go, digital storage space & Freedom

has it ever happened to you that fear of letting go has held you back from a new experience in life? I am constantly reaching the limits of physical and digital storage space, spending too much time managing storage and not enough creating newness in life . External hard drives seem to offer at least a temporary solution, but really is it a solution to keep moving files from A to B?