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Websites that I use regularly and who offer discounts and affiliate rewards

Some Companies give their users a reward when they share their experience and links to the the company signup or purchase options with their friends and network. You can read more if your scroll below the list of my affiliate links.

But before you go, I want you to know that I ONLY share what I have experience with and would recommend to you without a reward, too.

  • Rover You save $20 off your first booking (use this link within 10-14 days of intending to use it) and
  • Trustedhousesitters You get 25% off your first year membership price and I get a free month, maybe 2 when you sign up.
  • Thredup : Second hand clothing shop. Huge selection. I bought most of my clothes there in 2019 and 2020. I receive $5-$10. You receive up to 50% of your first order if you sign up and make a purchase within about 14 days. (I need to check time frames)
  • Skillshare: An online learning platform for creative and entrepreneurial skills for a flat annual fee. With my link you will get 2 free months of use of Skillshare. You do have to give them your payment details before you can trial the service BUT you can cancel and not pay anything when your trial period is over. I personally LOVE Skillshare. So I have a subscription.
  • Transferwise It really is the BEST for sending money abroad. I once wrote them a personal love letter. I am not joking. They are cheaper than bank fees and when you transfer more than ~$100 you will save compared to using Paypal. Anything over $200 you would be mad to use Paypal, sorry Paypal. Transferwise has saved Jason and I a lot of money over the last 5 years. Recommended.
  • Audible: I will soon share a link to this as March and April 2020 look like great months for learning things.
  • Airbnb You get up to £34 off your first booking. After using this link to sign up you have 30 days before this offer expires, so use the link close to your planned trip. I get £15 if you book a stay and £8 if you try Airbnb experiences. I have been an Airbnb host since their first year in business. I have nothing but good experiences.
  • Couchsurfing, they don’t pay me anything but I still recommend it. Ask me Q’s if you have any. This is my profile there:
  • Dropbox: We will both get an additional 500MB free storage if you use my Dropbox referral link and add files to your Dropbox. Dropbox has been my storage space of choice for over a decade. I recommend it.
  • I list everything I use, try, enjoy here it is a website called KIT & if you use any of my listings to make an order I will get a tiny percentage without this costing you anything extra. If nothing else it is a good list of products that I personally use and recommend with or without being rewarded for it.

For example Rover, Jason and I sometimes look after other people’s homes and pets for payment. We find between 50-75% of our clients through Rover. When we get booked to housesit and look after somebody’s animals we get paid. If we share the link to the website with you and you hire a petsitter or sign up to become a petsitter within 14-30 days of clicking on the link we receive a small commission. We shared something that benefits us with you, so it may benefit you, too and as an extra bonus we also get a small reward. Some give out a few dollar, some give me an additional free month of membership.

I thought I make a list of all the companies that give a reward for the referring person (i.e. myself, Birgit) when somebody uses my links to sign up and become an ACTIVE user / customer. If you decide to use any of my links then please let me know how your experience with these companies is. I am happy to coach you to creating your profiles or how to use the service I am recommending. I am ONLY sharing websites, companies, services, products on this post that I have myself tried and use regularly. (Or would use more regularly if I had more time.)

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