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Wildfires close to San Francisco : information resources (fire locations, air quality, health prevention tips)

List of information sources about the California fires, air quality & preventative actions for your health.

The air quality in the Bay Area (San Francisco) and North Bay Area (Sonoma, Napa) today is in the red and deep red zone: When you open the article you can access several essential clickable links with useful information to government websites and health resources around the wildfires and the subsequent micro particle pollution.

the power of sleep #1

The amazing power of sleeping enough hours and the right hours! I feel like a new human being! I didn’t even go to bed as early as perhaps I should, but the lights were out before midnight and I slept like a bear with many dreams flooding my night. The last dream was a bit stressful and the sound of my alarm clock became integrated into the dream, which is not the best thing really. But I got a full 9 hours of sleep, with a warm mostly asleep cuddle from the person I love at about 7.30 when we had both woken up from the natural light streaming into the bedroom. I fell asleep in his arms and that may have helped, too. When I did finally get up at 9.15am I felt like a whole new human being. Durianrider is definitely right when he says: “get off the internet and get to sleep & sleep as much as you need.” I know 9.15am is late to many, but sometimes you need to catch …

An Ode to Tumeric & Cinnamon

Sorry this is just a short one: I wanted to quickly share how incredibly much both tumeric and cinnamon seem to have helped me with my terrible joint inflammation on my left big toe joints. The pain was starting to spread and make me quite miserable when I remembered to add the anti-inflammatory tumeric to pretty much everything I ate. (I eat a lot of raw things and banana smoothies made with bananas and coconut milk. I don’t usually eat much wheat or processed foods. But had just emerged from a period of travel in which my food choices were limited, and it seemed to have set off the inflammations, which worryingly I think are a form of arthritis.). It took just a couple of days to make a difference. (I found it unexpectedly fast, too). Beware though: tumeric will stain your teeth, so brush extra carefully, extra properly. Both spices together seem to have made a huge difference to my wellbeing. I doubt that this was psychosomatic, I was too busy to think about …

New Beginnings

.. my new site came with a ready made set of colours and I quite like them, so I will keep them for a while. Welcome to Over7Seas tips for healthy travel and musings on places that I have seen. Over 7 Seas covers travel, craft, food and health. It is a small business managed by me, and I am a qualified yoga teacher, massage practitioner, inspired wanderer, hopeful seeker, sometimes tearful worrier and at other time a smiling conqueror of life’s challenges and tangled yarn. I am an opponent of ignorance, mindlessness and not too keen on fluff, I support all expressions of mindfulness and kindness. I say it right here and right now: If you do not care about the food you eat or the planet and the people living on it then you and I will not see eye to eye. I support a woman’s right to choose, I understand those who wish no woman ever needed to choose, I have a sincere interest in religions of the world yet no time …