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Coming soon: From Diagnosis to Surgery

Diagnosis to Surgery / being sick and getting treatment in America

First draft / Still to be edited

It’s about a year ago that our crazy journeys began. My first doctor’s appointment was in December, by January I was in ultrasound, by February in MRI, then waiting for surgery, getting mentally into the right space to build my courage and trust. April surgery, recovery slower than other people, sitting here and like you: when I see a ‘trigger object’ (which would be a peanut butter jar, a tin of beans, a big size container of vitamin C, or a large mango) I always thing my fibroid was bigger than that! My gosh. Of course it messed me up. How did I live so long with it? How wasn’t I diagnosed sooner! Wow. And than goodness for my NP, who took immediate action and my OBGYN and the ultrasound technician who spent an hour and a half picking me to get the best image and the MRI guys and the Radiologist who re-visited the MRI images and corrected a previous faulty reading of it, which could have lead to ineffective treatment decision, which would mean I would now still be dealing with the f!

Fallout from the previously erroneously interpreted MRI images. Had the Radiologist not noticed the error then I would have gotten the wrong treatment and that would be leaving me with facing two treatments and longer time of anxiety and I’ll health. Got so lucky! 🍀 

Am soooo grateful!

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