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Tips for pet owners when hiring a pet sitter

I am working on a guide for pet owners to refer to before booking a petsitter. (Petsitters can use this guide to structure their questions, too)

Most important: Give clear instructions in print AND digital format, do NOT rely on spoken instructions (nor digital) alone. Ensure that both you and the sitter have a physical copy to refer to, this will be especially important in the case of a dispute. However MOST disputes won’t ever happen with clear instructions and very clear agreements in place BEFORE finalising a booking : 

1 – Provide the sitter with a full history of the pet.

Tell them if it’s a rescue animal or has any other trauma in it’s history or attachment issues, as it may affect the experience that the sitter has with your pet. We find that rescue pets can be more work to help them feel comfortable, which we don’t mind but appreciate knowing in advance as it helps us tend to the animal better.  

Not communicating an anxious pet’s history is unfair to the sitter and also doesn’t serve your pet as well as ensuring that your sitter is prepared. Keeping animal needs from the sitter can leave them with unexpected burden  i.e the animal may display nighttime crying and barking. Help your sitter find ways to calm the pet. If your pet needs nighttime cuddles, treats or other comforts, please ensure the sitter knows before they commit to their stay.

Please subscribe to my blog for the next items on this list of instructions for petsitters. I will add another couple of items to this list on this post on August 9th, by 7pm Pacific Time. (Apologies for posting 1/2 a post today, the clock is just about to strike midnight and tomorrow is a long day)


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