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3 ingredients I use to feel better quickly (all free, no sales in here)

This is part 3 of a video letter I recorded for to a friend, I thought maybe it is useful for you other people, too. This part of the letter doesn’t have any personal information in it, just a little insight into how I am today coping with stressful times.   keywords: How to win, How to do well, how to use time wisely How to do well and live life today: from a letter to my friend Choosing to direct the focus only on what makes body and mind: healthier, stronger and more knowledgable to conquer life hurdles, anxieties, uncertainties etc.

Friends in trouble & letting go of the past

Just as I am getting ready to depart and have started my first trial packing of the smaller of 3 suitcases options I hear the news that two friends of mine really could use my support here as their new year began with seismic shifts of their life’s tectonic plates.. And everything is looking uncertain, new and possibly heartbreaking. I feel so guilty for following my life path which takes me geographically and by default also spiritually away to a far away continent. Trial packing went reasonably well, I learnt that a large bag of my favourite clothes will not even nearly fit me anymore.. Now that is what spending a year glued to information gathering & accumulating will do to a body.. Something that has to change this year. My personal Yoga practice needs to be put firmly back on the menu of life. I surprisingly found the resolve to pack all ill fitting, far too small, items into a bag and set it aside to bring along with me to share with my …