How I earned some extra money to help me travel:
I have occasionally hosted guests through Airbnb. I know what you may be thinking but treat them like friends of friends and just open your calendar occasionally when it suits you. It’s money for being nice! And of course turn down requests you aren’t 100% comfortable with. Nobody seems to tell you that this is an option. It is.

Another way that I earned extra money to help me travel is by offering myself for in-home petsitting in the dog owners home, when they are on vacation. I use Rover about 60% of the time. The other 40% are booking through word of mouth recommendations that my Rover clients make to their friends.

If you use my link within a couple of weeks of signing up then I will receive a referral bonus. For sharing with you how I make about $1000 most years at Christmas time. (Indeed. That much. But I do run around a lot for it. I also do drop-in cat visits for out of town cat owners.)

As you can see from my sock darning skills: I am thrifty. I try and save money when I can. And I try to value what I have. I also use WISE when I transfer money internationally and I use their borderless account to accept global payments for work and to keep several different currencies while I wait for exchange rates to be good before I cash payments out. Please use my link if this sounds like something that would be as helpful for you, as it is for me.

We have a business and I also work with a few entrepreneurs in a variety of filed. Everyone needs product and services listings. When I create the images for e-commerce shops I like to use Canva to create an image & text composition. It is easy and can be free if you don’t want to pay for a subscription. But I appreciate the greater design choice of a paid membership. It not only gives offers font options and more design themes it somehow saves time because I am not wasting time hunting around for free hacks. I absolutely love it now. But choose the free options if a paid one is too scary and

People buy all kinds of things on ebay. I get nothing for reminding you that ebay is a great tool for some extra small change. And sometimes it is a surprisingly larger amount of change.

LEARNING – investing in learning is an inextricable part of earning:
• 1 month free classes on Skillshare (if you don’t want to continue using Skillshare past 1 month please keep an eye on your dates and cancel in good time so that you don’t need to pay the fair price of less than $10 a month for unlimited classes access)

Free File Storage & File sharing with Dropbox (you can upgrade for more storage but the free allocation is quite useful to sign up for.)
I also like Google Drive AND use iCloud. You could call me a digital hoarder?

You could also try and Find free accommodation around. the world with Trusted Housesitters
25% discount code for Trusted Housesitters: RAF256550
If you know me then you know that I also highly advocate for getting paid to pet- and housesit. Trusted Housesitters is NOT paid. So just make sure to communicate well and feel 100% sure that the unpaid housesit is right for you. It could be a fun adventure.
• Housesitting and petsitting is a service taking on responsibility for property security and animal life. That isn’t always relaxing. I wrote an article and a checklist to help sitters and homeowners have the best possible experience. Link : coming soon.

Occasionally we make an unexpected sale on Redbubble and Society 6. Where we have a variety of images for sale. Jason’s page only offers one of his fantastic ‘unique perspective on trees’ drawings and it is available as a greetings card, a poster print and as a notebook. (To get the Fine Art on Archival Paper options see details below). On my shops you find a variety of travel related images and some whimsical art work.

Jason’s Redbubble Print on Demand shop Link where you can find a poster print or a notebook with one of his series of tree drawings. For Fine Art quality: Please contact us directly. We bring them ourselves on archival paper and each print will be signed with pencil or thin graphic ink pen.

My Redbubble Print on Demand Shop Link (notebooks, photo and canvas prints)

Fiverr Referral link . I will receive about $5 in credit with Fiver. Which I can use the next time I need to hire help for a project.

Last but not least I am sharing some examples of how

I make getting paid accessible to my students and clients. These examples use Strip and Paypal. I have more options on my Pay me Page.

Do you need to pay me for anything? Don’t have another link and just want to pay me now? You can use this Paypal link. Birgit’s Paypal Link to pay any amount

Just a link to pay me $100 : could be for a photography deposit or a ‘packet’ of writing or language tutoring.