About Birgit

My name is Birgit and my superpower is researching information for pretty much anything! 

This is also a website about a German living abroad in America, travel,  personal improvement and how to earn a side hustle income without neglecting existing commitments. 

I am working on an ebook to share the best of my insider tips to help others also succeed in the small side hustle kind of way, which can make the difference we need. But nothing for now.


Hi, my name is Birgit. 20 years ago I left Germany to live abroad. 10 years ago I began splitting my time between 3 continents. How was all that possible? I will share with you what I learned, perhaps you can make use of a tip or two. In 2006 I started my first blog and had a lot of fun with it but didn’t realise that it could be something more serious.

I am back now, with this website, a place to tell the story of my unconventional life as it unfolds. I also want to take the time and share some of my sidehustle income tips and strategies from my unconventional life with you. I have things to say about long distance relationships across continents, housesitting for ‘free’ accommodation and saving travel money, I also had the misfortune or perhaps it was excellent fortune of falling seriously ill in America, I will write about how I got lucky at a time that could have been the worst.

Come say hello to me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/oversevenseas/

Xing profile: www.xing.com/profile/Birgit_Deubner


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