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Tips for petsitters: How to make your pet’s owners happy.

Take a little time to be creative with the daily updates that you send to your pet’s owners. When they see that you took care to take a cute photo of their pet, rather than just a quick snap shot and THEN you add some text to it that makes the presentation overall cute and shows your care for the pet then they will feel at ease, they’ll trust that you really care about and for their pet and you will get called back again in the future. Repeat clients are what makes your life easier. It becomes an annual income as clients tend to go away at approximately the same time each year, for vacations and family visits.


This isn’t to say that you should stick with a client whom you are not happy with. Whatever the reason: if you aren’t feeling 100% comfortable with and appreciated by your client or have any problems with your care pets then it may not be worth it. Complete this booking to the very best of your ability, always keep it friendly and amicable. But when you have finished the booking: Move on, find a new one. It is perfectly acceptable to turn down a booking request. It is also in the client’s and pets best interest for you to not work with them if you are not feeling happy in this relationship.


If you want to try becoming a petsitter then you can use the tips on my website to help you prepare your profile, find clients and keep your care pets happy. You can use this link to sign up to Rover, we get a good number of first time clients through this booking agency: 



As always: use your discretion, if a pet is too large or difficult for you to handle, please turn down the booking request. If you are already with the animal and are struggling please reach out to the owner & Rover and get assistance. It is not worth risking your comfort and definitely not with risking the pet’s wellbeing. Always stay professional, the pets’ needs above yours, to a point, after that point call the owner and Rover. Rover can send an alternate sitter to take over for you. It’s preferable to traumatising the pet or yourself.

Photo of a creme coloured, beige, labradoodle dog with a pink nose, looking up and at the camera.

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