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the power of sleep #1

The amazing power of sleeping enough hours and the right hours! I feel like a new human being!

I didn’t even go to bed as early as perhaps I should, but the lights were out before midnight and I slept like a bear with many dreams flooding my night. The last dream was a bit stressful and the sound of my alarm clock became integrated into the dream, which is not the best thing really. But I got a full 9 hours of sleep, with a warm mostly asleep cuddle from the person I love at about 7.30 when we had both woken up from the natural light streaming into the bedroom. I fell asleep in his arms and that may have helped, too.

When I did finally get up at 9.15am I felt like a whole new human being. Durianrider is definitely right when he says: “get off the internet and get to sleep & sleep as much as you need.” I know 9.15am is late to many, but sometimes you need to catch the sleep when you can and this morning I could.

The past weeks I have been feeling ratty and down and I know that lack of the right kind of sleep as well as a few things that are NOT good nourishing foods are largely responsible. Yesterday was my first day in weeks that I was sugar and caffein free. And my gosh is it difficult to stop the instincts that drive me towards sugar and coffee..

Have you fallen off the healthy wagon recently? Are you trying to board it in the first place? What do you do to keep the sleeping pattern under control and the cravings at bay?

I think the best things you can do for yourself are exercise, fresh fruit and vegetables, lights out before midnight, sleep, sleep, and hydrate. I am still working on some of these items on my list, but from experience I know they are all like magic for body and soul. Why one would ever slacken and allow oneself to not get on the wagon or fall off is inexplicable, but it just happened to me, so nobody is perfect. Let’s hop back on. Who’s joining me?

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