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It is time for the weekly: shout-out #3

So by now you get the idea right? I try and make a weekly shout out about one of the fellow bloggers whom I notice are passing through my pages.

So here is a link to Adventures in Southeast Asia a blog by Rachel Wingo who relocated herself to Cambodia for work in Phnom Penh. I will enjoy taking an occasional look on her blog to see what she has discovered and how her writing develops. Her blog is quite new still as she only just relocated a few months ago. But I love to hear about and from other women who don’t let anything hold them back and try out another way of life.

If you are reading this and are over 30 then I would be particularly delighted to hear about your ‘not-standard-normal’ life. I am currently in a state of flux and have been uncertain which way to move forward for some time. I think it really helps to hear about other adults out there, who live unconventionally but don’t consider themselves drifters either. I am hoping to find a community of other adults who life differently but also have found a way to unite a sense of purpose and responsibility to environment, society and or their own health.  You don’t need to be perfect, if you are still searching like I am then get in touch. Maybe we find a few more pieces of this puzzle and put them in place.

Have you checked Rachel Wingo’s Blog “Adventures in Southeast Asia” yet? What do you think? Could you live in Cambodia if you were offered work there next month?

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