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Our side hustle & extra income (petsitting)

I can’t write much right now but let me try and briefly sum up this easy side-hustle, that helped me out financially, in a nutshell:

In 2018 we earned about $2500 just with occasional petsitting & pet visiting. We hardly do any dog walking, but I occasionally say yes to a dog walk, after all, that’s a way to stay fit and healthy! Doesn’t that sound like an awesome way to buffer one’s finances? This is something that fits alongside an existing job, maybe to help you save some money for a need or a want or to take control of life and pay down some debts.


If you would like to sign up and start a profile on the booking site that I use then below is the link where you can sign up. I get a small perk for your signing up, but it doesn’t cost you anything at all, instead I am here to guide you to a little bit of extra financial security!

If you want to become a petsitter and get paid to share some love with dogs and cats then please use our link:


Articles coming soon:

• How to put together a strong profile that will get you hired on Rover.

• How to stand out from the other sitters. How to adjust your settings to get the clients that you want. How to pick good clients, and more!

If you use this link to sign up to Rover and hire a Rover sitter then I have a brilliant bonus perk for you! You can use this code: BIRGITANDJASON20 to get $20 off your first booking! That’s amazing isn’t it!?


    • Ahoi Barbara, gute Frage.
      Hi Barbara, that’s a really good question.

      Wenn wir Kunden über unsere Agentur buchen dann sind wir auch automatisch versichert.
      When we book clients through our agency we are automatically insured.

      Private nehmen wir nur Kunden an denen wir genausoviel vertrauen wie sie uns.
      Privately we only accept booking from clients whom we trust as much as they trust us.

      • That makes sense.
        I recently read that a deluxe pet opened up in SF.
        People definitely are able and willing to spend a lot of money for daycare for their pets.

      • Yes, and I think it’s also a matter of priorities for some people. I don’t think that all of our clients have all that much money, but they feel an obligation to their pets to treat them well and do what is within their means to make that happen. Some of our pet clients also have health issues (the pets, not the owners) and really need somebody to administer medication on time.

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