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From My Daily Journal

Hey kids, I have decided that it is time that I just share a few thoughts with you more often, it is too quiet here on this Blog!

First news: I am in Thailand.

Second news: The air is awfully polluted in Chiang Mai, which is where I am. And I am mainly stuck indoors to avoid the pollution. It’s not just a little bit, the air is currently qualified as hazardous. Maybe we should leave?

Third news: I am going to take Thai Language lessons on italki! Do you know about this platform? It’s a language learning website that hosts language teachers, trained & untrained community teachers, from around the world. I have booked lessons with 2 teachers and am going to try out another 5 that I have bookmarked. I’ll write more about my experience after the first lessons. For now here is a link so you can check it out yourself, in case you are curious.

 (Italki a website for language learning.)

Now it is 9:30am and I have been waiting for Jason to wake up for the last 2 hours. It’s time to put our breathing masks on and take a scooter ride to the organic JJ Market.. The irony: we are risking the hazardous air to go get healthy food..


And here he is with a drawing that he commissioned an Artist to make of us last week at JJ market.

The main reason that we need to get to the market today is that I need to get a few provisions that are otherwise not easily available in Chiang Mai (at least not all in one place as JJ Market offers) as I am avoiding MSG because I had a health scare related to it the other day, we ended up in hospital, but in the end all was ok and I worked out that it is the MSG causing the warming symptoms. As soon as I stopped eating food with MSG the symptoms cleared within 24 hours.

But more about all of that later.. It’s time to get ready and get out there before the best stuff is sold! They have been open for 3 hours already! (But my excuse is also that the air pollution is worst in the mornings, so I let J sleep in, while I am getting on it with this blog post & a job application, too….. More story than time..)

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