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What I am learning about building wealth starting at 45 years old

Before anyone thinks that I have anything to sell or a magic potion: I have neither.

Think of this project as a conversation between you and I. Or maybe rather an interactive seminar. Are you threatened with old age poverty like I am? Let’s change this!

This is the approximate starting point: I am 45 and I hold equal amounts of cash in savings as I have debts. Don’t leave just yet. Wherever I turn it seems hopeless. Too late. I may as well dig my grave and give up now.

But I am stubborn and I have always believed that when EVERYONE says that it can’t be done then it does NOT mean it can’t be done it just means they didn’t think yet of how it can be done.

If you would like to join me on this journey as I find out for myself and for you how ew shall NOT end in old age poverty then please make yourself noticed: a like, a comment and even better subscribe to my posts. I think this project will require a better way for us to stay in touch with each other.

So first of all I am going to set up a Patreon or a Buy me a Coffee, so that you can support my work if you would like to (people have asked me in the past how to pay / support my work.) Someone I listed to recently said that money is a way to show appreciation. I agree. We are all far too afraid of speaking about money.

So this is your first homework: talk about money, look at your bank statements, line them up, find your passwords for internet banking and let’s get the mess tidied up first. We need a clear overview to proceed forward.

  1. Checking our finances and knowing exactly what we have or owe
  2. Checking interest rates we pay on debt we hold.
  3. breathe

The next task that we need to pick up again is my forgotten project where I meant to help you earn money from home using eBay and various other options.

I have several friends who to this day don’t have Paypal, the good new is that I believe eBay is transitioning away from paying through PayPal, they plan to pay earnings directly into our bank accounts. – If you have ever juggled your money and relied on having a Paypal account in addition to an overdrawn bank account then I hope this change won’t affect you badly. I am concerned.

But irrespective of eBay changing its payment structure: I would like you to open a PayPal account and a Transferwise account (they actually just rebranded and changed their name to Wise). I have saved a LOT of money thanks to Transferwise/Wise. How? International money transfers: the fees I saved now run into the hundreds of dollars. The other way I have saved money is that I can get paid in multiple currencies and leave the money in my borderless bank account that I have with the same company. Why am I leaving the money in there in it’s original currency instead of exchanging it? BECAUSE I sometimes make payments for services or products in let’s say Euro. If I first change the Euro I got paid into my currency and 2 months later pay for something else in Euro but have to first pay money exchange fees to make the payment, then I will have lost a small of money after receiving the Euro and converting them into dollar, and then again when I convert dollar to Euro. It is smarter to leave the money in my account as Euro. I can wait for when the dollar is strong against the Euro, and exchange my money in bulk then. Saving me potentially 10-20% on doing it immediately upon receiving the payment. Anyhow. You need practice in using digital borderless accounts and you need one to receive payments in the most advantageous to you way possible (meaning, with the least amount of fees paid)

This is your homework:

4. Open a Wise account. Use my link to sign up and you get some brownie points and I am just missing one single person to sign up and use their account and I will receive a brownie point from Wise, too. Sharing is caring.

And here is my link:

NEXT: I need to develop some writing discipline. You need to be able to access the information without wading through a wall of text. Your engagement and support helps me work on that.

Would you prefer if I made this into a video?

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