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A course for women over 40 ?

As I was writing the last post I realised that the information that I have to share with you is really needs a semi-structured approach. I spent 2 hours typing my last post and if I am not careful and disciplined I will mix too many elements into individual posts and cause more harm than good. Harm because overloading with too many pieces of information and too little editing will make taking action steps and following through too difficult. I might try keep posts shorter.

As I was writing down notes on paper with a big black marker, like the child I am, I came to the conclusion that the best way to take you all on this journey with me will be for me to create a structure that I need to map out before we even leave the harbour.

I will take some time tomorrow to write down 100 bulletpoints and create a few mind maps to see if I can nail down all the moving parts that we need to get comfortable with if we want to re-create our financial future. Moving our circumstantial and influenced by our own failings destiny of poverty onto the path of security will take more than my spontaneously bursting suggestions into these blog posts.

Let’s see if I can tidy this up. Can you just imagine how long it will take to write 100 blog posts and maybe create talking head videos to go with them? I think I will need your support as much as you need me to help you get unstuck and navigated into a sunnier direction.

For now I will sign off, it is late at night and we all know: it’s not easy to be productive when we don’t sleep enough.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions what you would like me to include in my project: Working title: Save myself and throw the life raft to the next person after me so they can succeed, too. Or something like that.

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