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Artist Progress Report of clearing the storage of the Past : Sept 26th

Sharing my daily progress

Good morning. All good here. Tired and not enough sleep but good. 

I finally bit the bullet and ordered the silica packets for safer storage for my books (£30 total). Hopefully I ordered enough. 😊 Am very happy with myself. I also pooped 3x this morning and feel much better for it. 

My neck / shoulder is worse again than last night. But slightly better than yesterday morning. 

Sitting at the desk now to make a MOVE. – I measured the size book I would like for my portfolio. I will use that as a template size in photoshop + 10% (to give me sizing wriggle room when printing. In case the print format available is a little larger than what my ideal size is.) 

I also ordered an SSDsd drive to back up just this project. I got a super-budget Chinese one. Because it will only be my 2nd back-up.

For the nerds among you:
The way I usually store files is:
• 1x on the computer,
• 1x on external drive #1, and
• 1x on external drive #2.
The external drive #1 and #2 are mirrored, this means they are identical. If I delete the file on the computer I will have 2 identical copies on 2 separate storage devices.

I bought an ‘internal drive’ with a separate cheap plastic case to convert it into an external drive. This lets me plug it into the USB port of my computer. It was the cheapest option and because it’s just the 2nd backup drive it is ok if this doesn’t work out. This entire project really just needs temporary storage until I create my portfolio book. The drive I bought has 1000 positive reviews, I am not worried about it failing. If this ‘turning internal drive to external drive’ works then this is how we will back up in the future = It saves 20-30%+ on the price compared to buying ready to plug external hard drives.  

Having the drive will give me a safer workflow and will allow me to delete the files from my computer, where they are taking up significantly too much space. I can then keep only the final project files and curated choice of images on it. 


I also figured out my digital file storage backup system. (this is another nerdy exposition on Dropbox, iCloud, Google One backup comparisons. I will spare you this – for now). Next I need to write down my plan for file organising (so that I don’t forget and stay consistent as long as it takes to finish this portfolio backup.)

Tomorrow I will set up a first file template in photoshop and start my first project archive. (Each art project will be ‘one step of backing up’. First I will work on Foundation & Undergraduate degree projects.) 

Also today’s plan: 

• Exercise before 7pm.  (update: I did it later but I did twice as much as I set myself as minimum.)

• Go for a walk to the shop between 3-5pm (get greens, vitamin D and fish).  update: I did that and it was SO cold. How do people in the UK survive this? Brrr. I am so glad that I now live in California. We have fires and crime but at least not frosty fingers.

• Go to bed at 2.30am NOT 5.30am. update: I failed at this. I went to bed at 4:30am. What on earth is this night owl mode?

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