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This Blog is lost

.. that’s right, it simply doesn’t know where it started, where it is, nor where it is going to, it isn’t even moving or displaying any other form of life, or is it?

Here a few photos that I recently uploaded to my, similarly inactive, instagram account @oversevenseas – Come not join me over there, too when you have a moment! We can be sloth like together, and perhaps you will witness the magic emergence of purpose in the near future!


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I work as professional artist / photographer, German language instructor and content creator for a small creative business. I am bilingually fluent in German & English, I speak, write, translate and teach both. As a sort of professional hobby I studied both Traditional Thai Massage (since 2011) & Yoga (since 1997). I offer massage treatments and private yoga classes, each tailored to my clients/students. I enjoy helping you heal yourself.

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