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About my faithful Nikon D90 DSLR and about moving countries

I am writing this post from the living room of my old apartment in Liverpool, UK. I am here to sell my a lt of my belongings on Ebay, giving some things away and deciding on hoe to best move into my future, the next chapter of life which we will live in America. I have had my green card for nearly 3 years now but haven’t been able to completely settle in America yet. We have both been pulled across the globe too much. But I have already spent ..

emergency writing break: there is a wasp flying over my head.. Editing tomorrow when I wake and hopefully it will be gone!

My current Nikon D90 with my well serving Nikon lens 18-70 f3.5-4.5G is getting old, it helped me take some great photographs and I learnt as much as I think was possible within the limitations of the equipment. I only just looked up the price for the same lens that I have worked with for so many years and can’t quite believe for how little you can buy it on Amazon nowadays. What an eyeopener.  So to keep this brief: IF you are completely new to photography and want to make a low cost start, I think this is a safe route to choose. Get this outfit, enjoy it for a year or 3 until you learn what it is that you specifically require from your camera. For enthusiastic amateur family photographs this camera would cover your needs well. I sincerely don’t think you need to spend more or that you will waste your money with the Nikon D90 or this lens.

But after 10 years of treasuring the 18-70mm lens and a good 5-6 years of enjoying the camera body I am ready. There was so much going on these last 7-9 years that I simply got a little bit stuck in a decision-making quagmire. But I have escaped it now. I have decided to focus on photography for business as of this year (2017). What I need to move forward is a professional camera, on a budget.


Perhaps I should first ask, what would you recommend if you wanted to enter the market competitively and professionally as a full time photographer? I have already made my choice and will find my words and share some links with you on another day. Today I signed up with Amazon Affiliates and I hope that they will approve my account. From then on each time that you click a link to an item listen in the Amazon inventory I have the chance of earning a small percentage of your spending, this will benefit me without costing you a cent more!

May I make a proposition!?

If you are planning on purchasing a camera that I happen to mention, or a book, or a beauty product (to be honest the furthest I stretch with beauty products is probably organic shampoo…) then if you could first click a link on my website to Amazon and purchase the item you clicked through to OR ANY item during this sign in session in the Amazon shop. Then I will receive somewhere around 2%, maybe 3% of what you spend. Don’t spend money because of me but if you need to stock up on something this week or next month anyway then your using my link would be fabulous!

Well, I am excited about these changes coming up!

New Camera, new business and maybe a few peanuts trickling in through Amazon Affiliates Program, if they accept me.

I also plan to bring this website/blog to life this year. I could use your help with suggestions, or with feedback on what posts you do enjoy. The content will be quite heavily focused on travel, or rather on me making a life abroad in America, featuring photography, writing, creativity and musings…

The links in this post are NOT affiliated links. I make nothing from them, if you choose to purchase the Nikon D90 I gain nothing at all. This is just a little ode to my much loved workhorse camera of many years. And a tip how to affordably start your journey in photography with a semi-pro camera.

Feature Photo: taken with the Nikon D90 and 18-70mm kit lens

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