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Life Update. What on Earth is going on with this Blog? (& Special welcome to my Ebay customers popping by to see what I am up to)

Hi Ebay & Etsy customers, & friends!

your purchase in my Ebay Shop & Etsy Shop really is super appreciated. You are helping me create space in my life and a lightness that will allow me to properly relocate to America with much greater ease! I included this website/blog address in my thank you note in case you might be intrigued what eccentric person sells her Art Equipment, and life treasures.

It’s me.

Short introduction (I am close to the end of this post and am realising that I think I lost focus.. brevity is not my key skill): I am an Artist-Photographer and I live between 2 continents and sometimes 3 (! Europe, America, Asia)… I have had an intercontinental romance with my favourite human on the planet since 2009. We met in Venice, Italy (in a kitchen, but maybe this is a longer story for another time “How I met my favourite human being”), he is American. We have against ALL the immigration and financial odds managed to be very happy together all the way from then to now.

With England having voted to exit the EU and with me being an EU citizen we are finally deciding to shift my main base to America. I have been keeping a foot in the door in the UK, keeping my countless Art Creations and my really rather large library of books and so (!) many more things: here in my apartment, which I had been subletting. This had allowed me to return tot he UK for brief periods of time when life in America had just been really tough and I/we needed a rest.

Again, this, too should be a separate post: topic maybe: “Why did it take me SO long to figure out how to adapt to life in America….? Why did I have to keep taking breaks from the Land of Opportunities?”

So here we are. Right now I am in Liverpool, for a relatively brief period of time. Listing my things on Ebay and finding adoptive homes for my belongings. Goal is: to reduce my belongings that I hold onto by 50%. I will probably keep the apartment in England for a little longer, but I would like to be ready to leave and let go of those 20 years that I have spent in this country.

It is time for a fresh life. A fresh start, new chapters. That means that it is time to stop dragging around the past. Time to make space for the new things. It feels almost like a grieving process. I am SO attached to all my things. I think I have been identifying myself by two things: my identity as an artist in a romantic sense and the beauty and uniqueness of my home’s interior that I created with eccentric belongings like cone film projectors and the hands of shop window mannequins, a giant ostrich egg, handblown glass by my partner, books, everywhere you look: books.


We are returning to San Francisco around June 20th. I Left the USA on January 21st. I hope it won’t be a problem with immigration for me to have been absent for so many months. I imagine I might get into some trouble for it. I hope they do not revoke my Green card for having been outside the country for so long! It is something that could happen.

Once we get back to America we will start fresh. My partner has a new job lined up, basically a 3 day job that we will use to fund his own glassmaking business. The 3 days a week that he will work will cover the rental cost of a room and maybe the costs of running the old Volvo we bought in our last USA chapter. Our goal is to get onto the books of at least one high end, well selling, reputable gallery with my partner’s glassworks. We are setting goals and deadlines for them and are WAY better prepared than we have ever been before!

As for me: I will go find myself a few days a week office work to help support the business, too; and then with my free days run my own businesses of German Language Teaching, Art Classes and; drumroll, this is the real goal; my Photography Business.!

I know there is no money in photography, I have heard it many times. My educated and informed response is: there is no money, nor security in anything. So I may as well go and do something that I am excited about, if either way I will land in poverty.. Also, I actually do not believe that there is no money in photography.

My points of concentration will be stock photography for the trickle income and head shots & real estate photography for a regular pay check. I have 2 personal projects that I can already begin while I am still in England. I am still working with a really old DSLR but I think I am getting really great results with it, so once I can upgrade I expect that results will really jump in quality.


In the meantime I continue my Ebay Sales, I added more sheep drawings to my Etsy shop & I am looking at buying a new camera to upgrade my current setup to really put myself into a good position to work with more clients in the near future!

The camera I am really, really interested in is this Nikon body:

Nikon D750 24-85 / 3.5-4.5 AF-S G ED VR ( 24.93 MP,3.2 -inch LCD )

I am starting to work with Affiliated links, and I will only use them when I feel that the product that I am linking to is really good. What happens with Affiliated links is that if you click on them and in the course of your internet session on that site purchase that item then it doesn’t cost you a penny more BUT I will receive a mini percentage of the value of your purchase (I think it is under 4% but I am not sure yet as I haven’t tried this before). Effectively I will get paid like an advertiser because the site will assume that without my link you might not have bought the thing. There is zero catch or cost for you the potential customer on the site (at the moment I am only linked to an Amazon affiliate program) but I get a little reward, which would be nice for me. This is my first post that I am making with an affiliate link in it.  So, usually the way this should be done is that the word that I link let’s say ‘ice cream maker’ should also lead to an ice cream maker and not let’s say to a vacuum cleaner.

NOT every link I put in here is an affiliated link.

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