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Caring for body & soul

I finally made steps to return to my routine of caring better for my soul. Fruit feasts make me happy. And I took some time off social duties this weekend to allow the soul to dangle.

It truly is mind boggling to me how easy it is to let one’s habits slip. Or rather to get into the habit of not keeping up the little daily routines that help feed the body and soul and really make a profound difference in my life.   


I don’t know about everybody else but it is shocking how the inner laze-ball-stressball gets the better of me and my life and I blink and it’s been months since I last had a giant fruit salad! I used to make them every morning when I was unwell with joint inflammations in 2009. Eating a diet that supported my body’s healing process really did make a profound impact and I recovered beyond my own expectations.

But that’s another story. Really I just wanted an excuse to share my fruit salad pictures with you and inspire anybody reading this to go hunt down some fruit and make your own. Your body will thank you so much. Imagine you are eating sunshine in a bowl (less hot obviously).


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