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California I am coming home…

It is definite! It is official! California I am coming home! (reference Joni Mitchell…)
June 9th is my planned date for travel!

We have a place to get started in San Francisco.
I have a US job offer with healthcare.. (small job but it’s a blessing, it will bring dependable income while I promote my Art work)

If this goes well then we are looking at a good second half to 2016, a year that started with a lot of hurdles and some falls..

There is something auspicious about this period of time in our lives. 7 short months ago I left California broken and dispirited. It took me all this long time to heal, regroup and gain urgently needed clarity. The twists and turns that life takes are incredible.


My home has found a fellow German to live in it during my absence.

What drives me to brave exposing myself to the harshness of life in America once more? None of the cozy social security systems that prop up so many artists in Europe. None of the security net. A climate that I experienced as outright hostile and yet …how to explain the magnetism it holds over me?

I am hungry for the air that you can only breathe in California. One day I will try and explain, find words for how different light can be in different places. Something I struggled to understand in my early 20’s when I began my career in the Arts. Light was light was light. Today I know that I knew nothing!

It was incomprehensible to me how, just how different climate can feel on the skin and in the soul. Who could have explained to me the taste of air in different cities on different continents? Some things have to be experienced, there just is no other way.
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