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Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are loved.

Love isn’t always perfect, nor easy but remind yourself anyway: “I am loved”

So I just made this to remind myself and perhaps you, too: “My mother loves me.” Yesterday I just had this sudden urge to call my mother and tell her that she is loved. It’s like the universe nudged me. A phone call later and long story short: This phrase popped into my mind and I felt like sharing it with whoever see this. Because you should know it, you should be reminded of it. Because you deserve to remember: Your mother loves you, too.

(And in case its it’s not your biological mother than the earth, Gaia, or the divine mother. Feel loved.)

HERE is the link to the Fridge Magnet (available in 3 sizes).

Here is the link for the Tote Bag for your grocery shopping.

The prices aren’t dollar store prices so I completely understand if you can’t get one of these reminders of your mother’s love for you; but in case you ever run out of a gift idea in the future, the store also has mugs, postcards, t-shirts and aprons and notebooks and the postage cost will work out better when you get a batch of for example cards at once. I get a small percentage from the sale that I make there (to date they amount to only a handful of sales) the remainder goes towards the operating and printing costs that RedBubble has. RedBubble is the name of company I am using for this print on demand hobby adventure. If I make 2 sales I can go for a very nice cup of espresso somewhere. If I make 4-5 sales then I can buy my own bag of favourite Vietnamese coffee and ultimately make many cups = equalling: many happy mornings.

I plan on playing around with this idea a little more and I have a few other phrases in mind that someone out there, maybe I or you, shouldn’t forget. Maybe this is at last the gift to give to someone who has everything? Maybe you can just send them a card you made yourself. You could buy paint and a blank canvas bad and handwrite your own declaration of love.

But it would tickle me and surprise me if one day I should find another few dollar in the print shop. You are always welcome to surprise me.

With love from me to you, on another very late San Francisco night. Making very small projects still takes a surprising amount of time from start to upload, to fine tuning and then finally to sharing here on this little, often dormant, website of mine.

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