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Short Hong Kong Ambient Sound Walk – walking alone at night

My first ever Ambient Sound Walk in Hong Kong. As soon as the borders open I will return and film a revised sound walk for myself and anyone of you who also loves to see places from your desk. It is time to dust off this wonderful, humid memory and video file.

This was my shortest city visit that I have ever done but it stuck in my memory like no other (a little like the humidity that day stuck to my skin). I caught the Hong Kong Bug and dream of returning to this place that is so unlike anywhere I have ever been before.

I wish my Jetlag hadn’t been so strong and my stay so short, I would have loved to take so many more photos and videos of my 24 hour layover on my way from London to Bangkok.

If you would like to buy me a Hong Kong Waffle and coffee then I would love that! But letting a video run all the way to the end, leaving a comment and subscribing are also fabulous.

• (You can change the quantity of coffees and shout me 2, because double the coffee = double the happiness.)

Should I edit this video and upgrade it somehow? What would you want to see or know? Have you been to Hong Kong? Did you make a MUCH better video? Please let me know in the comments below. –


Since 2006 I have lived on 3 continents. It all began with a 4 month trip to Cambodia and India. Skip ahead several years and eventually I fell in love in Italy, had a long-distance relationship with an American that ended up with me being washed ashore the Pacific coast of California. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the little bell icon.


I use a Nikon D750 – But I’m no longer a huge fan of Nikon solely because of my customer service experience with them when I bought this camera brand new and had problems with it. To get any kind of service I had to put a man on the phone who knew no photography terminology. I’m not one to usually pay too much attention to sexism but on this occasion it was impossible to ignore.


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