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You need to improve your resume. Don’t be left behind.

There is no quick solution but we need a plan of action.

Here is my suggestion for your first action. You can do this 100% on your own – but I also offer my support.:

  1. Have a look at your resume / CV. When is the last time that you revised it? You may have learned better way of resenting yourself since then.
  2. Don’t have a resume online? It is time, you are about to be left behind with the dinosaurs if you haven’t placed your resume / CV on LinkedIn or Sing.
  3. Leave your link to your LinkedIn (or Sing) profile below in comments and I will give free constructive feedback on the first 10.

Improve your income and the quality of opportunities by 10% or more!

Why is this important? Maybe you are self employed / employed / unemployed and you can’t see why this matters. You just have to believe me. It does. People who you are hoping to get hired by, in any capacity, will look for you on LinkedIn or Xing to gain a first impression.

In fact, maybe this is next level but I look up clients before we work with them. I do this to get an insight into what type of workplace culture they are used to and to gather how their work experience could influence our working relationship with them.

I don’t even like selling higher ticket items to people whom I can’t find online as real people. But I am going off on a tangent here. Most important for you to know is that it does matter where you can be found online. It also helps you to define and refine your personal career related outlook.

My secret: My own Linkedin profile is not completely representative of what I am capable of. I, too, am finding it difficult to pin down just one single aspect of what I want to focus on. This isn’t optimal. But when anyone does look me up they can see that I exist and that I am still in the acceptable realm of professional. My LinkedIn profile is not going to hinder me from developing my career. As soon as I have more clarity on my direction I will convey this on my public profiles. And so should you.

I hear you: “I don’t need Linkedin, it’s not for me.” My friend, I have to give you tough love: Unless you own a money tree I disagree with you. Please tell me your reasons for feeling that you won’t benefit from a LinkedIn or Xing profile (tell me in comments below or in my Contact form.).

(Even you: Retired people, unemployed people, lost in life people, so wealthy or established in your job that you feel you are secure people. You can all benefit financially from an improved LinkedIn profile / resume / CV.)

Friends, remember:

Send me your resume link on LinkedIn and I will give the first 10 of you some feedback. To take this subject to the next level I may include a part of my response in a follow up post about the importance of resumes and LinkedIn (you can opt out, and I won’t include anything personal! Your privacy is guaranteed.)

Do you need help writing your resume from scratch? You can hire me for any part fo your career journey. Your baby steps, your ‘I broke my career legs and need help getting back up steps’, your levelling up of your career journey. I’m here for it. There is a sliding pay scale because the service is personalised and “how long is a piece of string?” You may just need a one of brainstorming and streamlining session or you may need to work on your presentation from the ground up.

I also offer more dedicated support:

Use the contact form on my website for your personal information If you are confident in sharing your LinkedIn link then you may do it in the comments, otherwise send it to me in the CONTACT form.

Career and Resume review sessions: full price $175 / first session $75 (limited availability available only until June 30th 2021)

Pay a 30% booking deposit and the remainder upon completion of the session. If you are not happy then you don’t pay the remainder.

Two payment options

(I suggest that you first send me a message in the Contact form before booking.):

Venmo :  @Birgit-Deubner or Paypal :

(Currencies I use regularly and accept on Paypal: USD, UK pound sterling, Euro. If you would like to pay in a different currency then accept payments via Transferwise / WISE. You can use my link to create an account and you just need to send me a message on the contact form and I will provide you with my Transferwise/Wise payment details.)

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