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13 Youtubers who stayed at ASQ Alternative State Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand 2021

Are you currently in quarantine and want to watch others who are sharing your confinement situation? I spent a couple of hours looking up some lesser known Youtubers for you. Are you documenting your experience? Let me know and maybe I can add you to the lineup.

What do you think? IS it worth it to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks (or any lengths of time?) Personally I would say it’s a resounding YES from me. If at the end of the quarantine I get to be in Thailand for 3 months then all that is stopping me right now are personal commitments, but not the quarantine.

Sean Chen, positive outlook. “..born and raised in bangkok, thailand, and is currently a student at the university of british columbia. im always interested in meeting new people, exploring different places and challenging myself to create something that will make a lasting impact.”

Nicole Chen, 10.3k subscribers. Quietly spoken. “Nicole Chen is Asia’s most successful female DJ, many have praised her on her achievements within her three years she has been a DJ.”

YS onward, 101 subscribers. English Teaching Assistant under the Fulbright Organization. Stayed at CHOR CHER – THE GREEN RESIDENCE and liked his food. Give his videos a view and remember to pay your respects for the time he put into filming and editing by giving him a thumbs up and maybe a friendly comment. (He could use a few more followers, too.)

4B, “DJ and producer Bobby McKeon known as ‘4B‘; has already spent half his life relentlessly pursuing his sound and vision.”

Calmly spoken, currently has 9 days of Quarantine Vlogs uploaded.

Stephanie Walker, currently has 2 videos on her channel. Give her some support. There aren’t enough women sharing their Thailand experience.

Calmly spoken, articulate. Newbie.

simply happy, a whimsical take on journey to Thailand and Quarantine video, currently has 2 ASQ related videos uploaded.

Jason’s Journey, 211 subscribers, calmly spoken, nice guy from Australia. Explains the daily hotel routine, sharing meal schedules and hotel’s house rules. I like him. So I am giving you 2 of his 4 ASQ videos.

hotel: Maple Hotel

2gethersomewhere, 449 subscribers. A middle-ish aged couple, go give them a follow, they seem nice. They said that their hotel also offers vegetarian and vegan food. In their description they are offering links to downloadable PDF sheets giving various social media business tips for newbies.

“In this video, “Our Thailand ASQ Quarantine Experience”, we share our quarantine experiences and give a full review of the Siam Mandarina Hotel and share our survival tips. We hope you’ll become regular viewers of our channel and will subscribe to it!”

“Our desire is to help purpose-driven content creators and entrepreneurs build their influence online so they can quit the 9 to 5, if they choose (like we did), and spend more of their time exploring the beautiful world we live in.”

Another Day On Earth, 1.17k subscribers. Interesting guy. “My name is Jonathan Paul. Some know me as an international contemporary artist, but really I’m just one of everyone – simply enjoying yet another day on earth. My goal is to share with you fun and informative videos about my journey + to inspire your journey to take risks and push live your life to its fullest.”

Jay Agaskar, 122 subscribers. Nice guy with a theory. “Wondering where you will be placed with State Quarantine during the COVID pandemic in Thailand? In this video, I have a theory that may help ease your mind. + A tour of my quarantine room!”

His tip: Bring your own HDMI cable.

Europe Traveler, 601 subscribers. Video with music overlay and subtitles explaining the ASQ Hotel experience. We don’t get to meet the person. I suggest you put on your own music to view this.

“Stayed in the Siam Mandarina Hotel, which is right next to the Bangkok Airport. The stuff of the hotel was absolutely amazing, the food was really good and the view from the window to airport runway and to sunset helped time pass more easy..”

Chasing Jaunts, 1.97k subscribers. Nice couple. The audio is a little low at times compared to the music but they seem nice enough to forgive them for this. They have 2 dedicated ASQ videos. Seem worth a follow. Go check them out, don’t forget to pay your respects in likes and thumbs up.

Alina Mcleod, 99.5k subscribers. I don’t think she is staying in Thailand longterm.

Have you got square eyes yet? I do from compiling this list. You can send me a coffee or fruit basket if you feel generous and able. No pressure because I accept appreciation in karma points. And you don’t have to do anything at all for those.:

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Do you have a suggestion for another ASQ Hotel Youtube video, Blog post or maybe a podcast? Please share it with me in the comments. (They are set to needing to be approved to keep the spambots at bay.)

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