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3 Business Skills Resources – improve your career

In this post I share 3 FREE but powerful resources to take friction out of your interactions with clients and increase your success potential. Don’t dismiss this if you are an employee, you can learn, too!

I think I am going to save you a lot (!) of time by sharing with you what took me years to find. It’s not that it takes THAT long to find something on the internet but what takes so much time is knowing what to look for and then finding the cream of the crop information / resources / people to listen to / read.

To keep it short:

Read: The Pumpkin Plan, by Mike Michalowicz (I am listening to this as an audio book that I borrowed for free from the library. Check with your library if they have a free ebook and audio book library for you to access. Don’t spend money you don’t have to. UNLESS you want to make sure that the author receives royalties for the work it took to write (and narrate) the (audio) book. If you do want to buy the book/audio book then you can feed the machine that is Amazon here*:

Listen / watch to “Hourly Billing Is Nuts”: This is an amazing conversation with Jonathan Stark on Chris Do’s Youtube channel. Here is the link to “Hourly Billing Is Nuts”. There is NO hard-nosed sales pitch in this video. I promise. Watch the video on Youtube, nobody is trying to spam you with buy this or that. It IS pure value and my mind was a little bit blown by how useful this was and I want you to benefit from this, too. Talk to me if you can’t quite imagine how it is useful for you to know what this man is sharing in this video. I can tell you now: it will save you years and increase your income JUST from the additional confidence you can get from watching this video, taking a few notes and imagining yourself into these conversations. How do you imagine this can aid your conversations with anyone you work for? You don’t have to have a 4-5-6 figure job to pitch to a client. You can just be on a more humble plane and benefit a LOT from listening to this type of content. I promise! It only costs some time, but it will benefit you so much.

Read: DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online, by Russell Brunson. Before you look up the book or follow my link I do need to tell you that Russell Brunson markets HARD, and is controversial because of it, and the book itself is set up to eventually sell you his product. Learn from this, however you don’t need to spend your money. You can apply some of his techniques to build your confidence without spending money. You can reconsider this when you have defined and developed a valuable product or service that worthy of marketing / selling. Then by all means..

If you give Russell Brunson your email address he will send you his marketing materials until long after you have reincarnated into the next life. In the past I would have felt that this is evidence that he is a kind of spam-con artist. I have changed my mind about this. I borrowed the e-book from the library. Opened it and was sure I would find a wall of hard sales spammy content. I was wrong. I am actually only a few pages in and I am glued to the pages. Russell Brunson writes well and shares simple but extremely helpful business advice. His book has well over 2000 reviews on Goodreads. That is hard to get! Very hard. He is doing something right, learn from that and set aside your potential dislike of anything you preconceive about him. I won’t waste your time trying to paraphrase or summarise the book. Just read it because it will benefit you and I want that for you. I am not asking you to become a hard-nosed hardcore marketer. To take a beneficial lesson from Russell, you don’t need to become Russell.

You should ingest all three resources at your earliest convenience and then I recommend REPEATING this. Watch the video 3 times (I am serious) and re-read passages in the books that resonate. make notes. Picture how what they say could benefit you. Use your imagination. The more you do the more you will realise how helpful this can be to you. You are learning business legs. And you are learning that it is ok to have business legs. ***(see below)

Your homework:

For the love of your financial future: take these three action steps that you can access 100% for free and they will benefit exponentially: Read the two books (or access them as audiobooks) and watch the video with Chris Do and Jonathan Stark.

Note I am NOT asking you to make financial commitments to things you don’t understand. Just read and listen. Then let me know (please do) in the comments below what you learned that was positive and improved your confidence.

Create a better life. Improve what is already good. It can be easy. But it seems we need discipline.

* = this marks affiliate links. At no additional cost to you I MAY receive a bonus from you making a purchase using my link. In reality Amazon has never paid me a penny. I still include the link for your convenience because sometimes it’s just easier to take action with a link.

Value your own time & value the time of others.

**About my encounter with the work of Russell Brunson: I was in Chiang Mai Thailand in 2019 and an acquaintance of mine kept telling me how great Russell Brunsons book and business is. (He is the creator of the Clickfunnels program – more on that later if you like.) And I kept thinking “Why is this guy trying to hard sell me this Clickfunnel thing and wow, this Russell Brunson must be a serious con-artist getting rich off people like my acquaintance and me. Wow, this is just some kind of MLM marketing scheme. Wow, I better be careful to not get sucked in. Well… All I say is: JUST open his book. It is going to be a game changer in your thinking about how to attract clients to your business and improve your income potential.

I have definitely changed my mind about Russell Brunson, up to this point I have of course only started reading his book, please don’t hold me accountable for anything you sign up to. I haven’t tried his Clickfunnels program yet, note I said yet. I am now considering it on the strength of the book. But I first need to do some homework on preparing my personal offer to the world. There can’t be any point in signing up for a paid business program of any kind when we are unclear about what we are offering to the world. Link to the Goodreads reviews: the low star ones HAVE a point, but don’t let them deter you rom learning. Spend your time reading the book not the critiques. You can learn without becoming scrupulous.

*** Referencing a distrust that I know some of my friends have about business. Ask yourself where you got this distrust. Is it yours or did society around you teach it to you? Who instilled distrust about business world in you? Someone who understands it or someone on an hourly wage / running a small business? Do you equate hard-working with good and thriving with exploitative and spammy? That’s exactly what I mean. That is not our own distrust but it’s been placed in us by others. Let me be brutally direct: The crabs in the bucket around you are pulling you back in as you are trying to escape to a better world for yourself.

I am done being a crab in a bucket. Lets leave the bucket. & It can be done Ethically.

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