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45 for 45 project

This is my proposal: I hope you are going to enjoy helping me celebrate my 45th birthday by being one of my 45 strangers who’ll take a joyful leap to celebrate this next big chapter in my life.

I am challenging myself to approach 45 people I don’t know to ask them to be participants in a whimsical photo project. I am hoping that a little bonus gift to myself will be that I will grow more confident in approaching strangers.

I will share the photos, possibly unedited, on my instagram page @BirgitDeubner (please leave a friendly comment there & share your photo)

If you (stranger participant) would like a free digital copy of your photo then the best way is this:

  • Leave a comment on my instagram page under your photo &
  • THEN send me your contact details in a direct message on instagram so that I know how to get the photo to you
  • (OR if you don’t have instagram you can reach out to me via the contact form here on my website.)

(Ways to receive your photo: email, WhatsApp, FB messenger and apple messages are the best options. I do NOT send sms text messages I don’t have a data plan on my phone. I only make calls using wifi. This also saves me in the region of $400-$1000 per year on cellphone fees. I recommend it.)

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