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I commissioned an artist on Fiverr to make an illustration of Jason and Fig

I just got this little illustration made of Jason & our favourite Chihuahua. The illustrator also creates works in more pastel & girl colours. I absolutely recommend commissioning an illustration if you want to surprise somebody. The turnaround time on my order was less than a day. I am so amazed.

  • You can use my link to get 20% off your first order. I didn’t have a discount code when I placed my first order and 100% think it was worth paying full price.:
Illustration, line drawing of Jason holding Fig the Chihuahua
Jason with Fig the Chihuahua

I paid $12/£10 and think that’s such a bargain. You could print your own greeting cards from your illustration, send virtual greetings to family you can’t see right now or use it for your website/social media etc. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

  • AFTER using my 20% discount link above: You can come back to click on this link to find the illustrator who created this first illustration:

(prices vary depending on how many figures are in the image, how many colours, etc. For 1 figure it is actually JUST $7 total – at time of sharing.)

It’s so easy to place an order. I was nervous and put it off for ages, but then all it took was just 1 good photo + basic instructions. 

(I included a 2nd photo but made sure that I renamed the files to DRAW THIS ONE & REFERENCE ONLY. I don’t think he needed the second photo.)

These were my instructions: 

  • “I would like a line art drawing of Jason & the Chihuahua. You can EXCLUDE the mask if that is possible. (I am including a second photo of the Chihuahua in case it is helpful for drawing her.) Let me know if you have any questions. “

For some reason I didn’t but I could have specified colours as well. The next time I might do it like this: 

  • “If you are using colours for the illustration, please use happy pastel colours.”

That’s it. 

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