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A list of writing job platforms – For my friends

Let’s make some money with writing

Have you spent hours looking through job postings getting depressed, too? Have you spent months looking for job listings sites and not found the one right for you? That’s been my problem.

That’s why I am starting this side project of building a collection of job boards for writing gigs and full writing jobs. It’s starting a little rough and tumble. I’ll update this as I find more and as I test a few out. If YOU also want to test if you can get some writing work then please DO and report back the success stories.

None of these links are affiliate links at time of writing. I will update if I find a recommendation that also pays me for sharing it.

Anyway, you clicked to get the goods. Here are the goods (job listing sites) that I was able to find so far. Please at least tap the like button and maybe leave a comment below. Then it would feel like sharing was rewarded with something.

I would try the platforms below myself but can not yet vouch for them because I, too, am only at the start of this writing-for-money-experience:

  8. this actually looked promising when I just checked it.
  9. there was only one single listing for ‘writer’ and 3 for ‘writing’ .

Useful tips:

1) I haven’t closely checked everything yet. If platforms require you to pay a membership: DON’T do it. Check if you can find a job for free first.

2) DON’T provide free custom written articles as part of your application. That is working for free. Don’t get disillusioned. Just don’t do it. Have writing samples in a Google Doc folder and you can share this (view only, not edit)

3) ‘writer’ & ‘writing’: use both search terms, you may get slightly different results on whatever platform you are searching.

Seems more professional than I currently feel:


Not sure about the ones below this line at but sharing to complete the list.

Requires a membership, I don’t like to pay before I earn, so it’s a no from me:

Affiliate income platforms, I think they are a valid option:

One way that you can support my website and my work is by using my affiliate links when you see them. I have several in a tab called recommendations and I share referral links throughout my blog posts, usually they are marked. There are NONE on this page. I think this year I would like to focus on my financial AND physical health more. So I hope you are ok with that direction.

You could also read: Do affiliate links make you cynical? it’s. bit long and very unedited. But you could.

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