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2023 – I am a little late to arrive

But here I am. It is February 1st and the Chinese Lunar New year already started, too. Year of the Wood Rabbit. I want to say that I am not really an astrology person but then again: This is MY year! I was born in the year of the Wood rabbit and I feel like this is my once in a lifetime opportunity to have a really great year.

Welcome to MY great year.

I was thinking about what to share on my blog this year and aside from a definitely necessary focus on financial health I want to give my physical health more attention. One of my plans is to walk more and to bring YOU along every once in a while by sharing what I see on my walks. Since I live in San Francisco I figured that this might be something you, too, might enjoy.

Let’s declare Bohemia alive (sorry to my friend who so rationally declared it dead) and let’s see if we can’t find a few small things to enjoy this year. (I am thinking of finding a secret coffee society of Bohemians who survived the great drought of capitalism having made life rather tough on the average day dreamer.) But also: let’s declare making financial health a major mission for this year.

(This may mean you’ll see more posts where I share what has saved me money or in some other form been of benefit to me. I hope that once in a while you’ll find something as useful as I do and will use my links to sign up to whatever it is.)

Today is February 1st:

I have an acupuncture appointment in 11 hours. That probably means I should go to sleep first! Yes, it is 3am. I will try and take a photo on my way. But here are a few photos from the last time I was in San Francisco Chinatown for my acupuncture.

San Francisco China Town and Union Square, January 4th 2022

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