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The future of Thailand

Just a short thought: Perhaps Thailand will become more like South Korea or Singapore when it comes to its visa requirements.

Maybe Thailand is done with low budget mass tourism and is ready to change its image by moving more towards focus on business and high class tourism. Aside from that this could one day price me out of staying in Thailand for extended 4 month trips I think this is a good thing. Aren’t all the people expecting Thailand to remain unchanged asking Thai People to stagnate and remain economically submissive and serve a wide smile with every dollar item we purchase from them?

I have long wondered if a lot of our attitude to travel wasn’t rather condescending towards the people of Thailand (and beyond). What do we wish for Thai people if we for just a moment consider what is best for the people of the country that we claim we love so much? Is it best for them to continue serving boozed up backpackers and (sometimes) grumpy; judging by the forum posts I read; retirees?

I think I am ready to be witness to seeing Thailand level up. It already is an economic powerhouse, Bangkok is a world class city. New visa regulations may just be the latest changes to claim a different global standing.

I AM sorry for everyone caught up in new minimum income / minimum bank balance requirements. Many people have nowhere else to go. They bet on Thailand. I do feel compassion for them and the anxiety they likely feel.

I found a couple of youtube channels that may be useful reference points for you online.
1) Integrity Legal Thailand

2) Hailey, Thailand Elite & Retirement Visa Specialist

This was all for today’s paragraph fragments, served and unedited straight from my brain. What do you think? Will Thailand fundamentally change its image? Do you approve?

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

(I am thinking I may write more regular short thoughts of the day to record the fragments that pass through my mind while I cook or go about my day.)

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