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Money saving tips from a frugal person:

#1 is my newest tip. A coupon website that seems brilliant!
I found out about ‘Honey‘ today. It is a website that searches the internet for money off coupons, use of the website is free of charge and from the research I have done so far it looks like there is no negative hook.

So I feel confident sharing the sign up link with you. Follow it and check if your an find a coupon the next time before you buy your regular brand new shoes. These codes seem to not be limited to clothing. So go explore! Save money. But don’t buy things you don’t need!   Check it out before using it, but it seems like an amazing tool to me. (I looked them up on Reviewopedia )

#2 is another money savings tip and this one is thoroughly tried and tested by myself and several of my friends is: Transferwise! If you use my link to sign up and make your first international transfer then you will get your first transfer for free and I will get a brownie point, too. I feel really good referring you to them because we saves at least $200 this year sending money from the UK to the USA with Transferwise rather than Paypal. I still use Paypal a lot because it is so convenient but not for international money sending anymore.  (I get brownie points only after you have made a transfer.)

Also Transferwise now offers a borderless bank account! It can hold multiple currencies. This will be really useful if you live between countries, travel a lot, perhaps receive payments in several currencies.


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