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Transferwise surprised me today

Have you heard of TRANSFERWISE ? It is a company set up by two EU citizens who lived in London to make international financial life easier (so relevant for people like me who have an intercontinental romance and work on 3 continents!). Those guys got annoyed with the high cost of sending money home.
So they set up Transferwise, which, when you send money using the service, then it arrives at the other side with a true exchange rate, not those pretend great exchange rates that come with high costs, nor those free transfers that come with rubbish exchange rates..
Anyhow, I should tell you about them in a separate post, because right now I don’t have the time to go into it, but I’ll write a post to tell you about my signing up process and what I needed to do to sign up for the just launched BORDERLESS ACCOUNT. (Sorry about the capitals, it’s just super exciting to me!) The process was easy but I’ll talk you through my experience anyway, in case you are unsure and it helps you.
But now to this lovely touch to the end of my first week of dealing with Transferwise
…Today I received a personal email from one of the advisers at #TRANSFERWISE letting me know that they not only verified my identity and allowing me full use of my brand new borderless bank account but also included a personal message letting me know that they had a look at my art work and enjoyed ‘Dungbeetle and Sisyphus’ as well as the more whimsical illustrations of sheep portraits.. The woman who wrote to me is lovely!
I think I 💕 this company already! Her message left me with a giant smile on my face. Excuse me while I herd up all my friends to let them know just how good the service so far has been!
If you use this link below to sign up with them then you get the first transfer free of charge.
I price compared yesterday :
if you are sending over $120 anywhere in the world then you will save money compared to any other form of money transfer that I know of: (If you are only sending £50 once in your life isn’t worth it, but on £100+ (about $120) you save money and it is very worth signing up for!)
I thought I better confirm that I am not sponsored by them, I just REALLY like the idea of this company AND they customer service so far has had a personal touch. Of course that will be hard to maintain as they grow and expand, but what a good way to start a new bank account! 
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