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The world needs delicious snacks

This is one of the most tasty and simultaneously outrageously healthy snack treats that I have ever made. And here are the necessary ingredients:

• nuts (any nuts, mixed is great, with pecans is fantastic) – lightly toasted (if you have the patience)

• dates (pre-soaked in hot water is fantastic, but if they are medjool dates or other soft types then don’t worry too much about soaking, but have some warm water to hand to help loosen the mixture as needed)

• ground green cardamom (unless you don’t like it, then skip it)

if you like: ground nutmeg, cinnamon, chilli, perhaps you are a fan of aniseed?

• the all important HIGH QUALITY 100% coco powder (not the one that has dairy mixed in with it if you can avoid it, but in the end: take what you can find) This Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Powder by Green and Blacks is the one that I use because it is both organic and fair trade, but the company has been bought out and if you can find something more ethical than this then that would be fantastic!

If you like: grated coconut flakes

• Grind the nuts: either in an Electric Coffee Grinder, a pestle and mortar or crush them layered between sheets of baking paper (and a towel over that) with a rolling pin (may get messy but don’t let that intimidate you)

• Mix the dates with a little water to form a paste

• Mix this paste with the crushed / ground nuts & a couple of tablespoons of coco powder (“don’t skimp, don’t be a shrimp”, as Jason likes to say) and the spices you decided to use to form a doughy consistency. Add more coco as desired.

• When you are able to wrestle the paste / dough into ball shapes you a re ready to roll them in a layer of coco powered or if you like you can roll them in finely shredded coconut flakes for variation; but coco powder is simply the best! Just sprinkle some coco powder generously onto a flat plate and roll each nut ball in the coco.

• Then they are ready to be set aside in the fridge to set a little and store as long as you can resist eating them.


Q: How much should I grind/crush the nuts? Experiment: however you like really, but small enough for them to allow themselves to be formed into ball or brownie shapes.


( Nutritious Brownie – Coco – Truffle – Snack – balls )

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