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Sometimes I sit and work / Draw in Cafés


I have several commissions to finish drawings for and am running a little behind schedule. I blame the unconventional life for this. We lived in a wild house in Oakland for some time, with a landlord and landlady who were full of life while we were slumped, lacking sleep and therefor energy. It isn’t always easy to rent only a room and try and confine an adult life into this small space. Less easy to do this with two lives.

I have lived on my own in a huge apartment that I used to call my castle for over 10 years before relocating to a smaller but warmer apartment instead. Now suddenly we lived in a room. Naturally this created challenges and I have to admit I didn’t succeed in overcoming those challenges as much as I would love to tell you that I did.

So now we are house sitting for a family who are on holiday for a whole month and whose pets and plants have needs that require house sitters to look after them. This works out beautifully for us as well as the pets (I hope, we do give them lots of care and attention and cuddles even when they wake us up in the middle of the night..). Here we have space and the quiet time that we need to plan ahead for our continually unconventional life.

Actually we have just one more week (a little less in fact) before relocating to a rented room for a month. We will stay with a friend of ours in the Mission. She may need a little bit f help with childcare and in return we will get a reasonable discount on rental costs.

For two artists who could easily occupy a warehouse to truly thrive these short-term opportunities aren’t 100% ideal, but in the absence of affordable warehouse living space here in the area we are making the best of the chances that we do have.

Small drawings are a part of that. And scratching the tip of the ice berg with my dormant blogs, of which I have just a few too many…

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