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The chocolate Candy house of Oakland (these days it’s a second hand shop) *{things to do in Oakland}

The chocolate Candy house of Oakland (these days it’s a second hand shop)

We loved living in Oakland. Telegraph Avenue offered a variety of interesting cafes, shops and communities. Even if parts of it are being taken over by overpriced hipster lifestyle. This pink house used to be a sweet shop. I wish I would have seen it then in it’s original form.

But today it houses a second hand shop with some quality offerings, but beware it isn’t a cheap second hand shop with thrift junk, rather a better selection. However at the back of the store is the thrift, the items with kinks and things suitable for a smaller pocket.

How to get there?
Take the BART from anywhere in the Bay Area and ride to Mc Arthur Bart station, from there it is only a few blocks walk to Telegraph Avenue. If you take a wrong turn on Telegraph you will find yourself passing a pretty great Bagel Cafe specializing in Bagels, freshly baked. So the wrong turn would work out pretty great, too. If you take the correct turn then you will pass a Mc Donald’s and eventually (maybe 2-4 blocks in total) reach the Candy coloured thrift store house.

Chocolate Candy House

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