I earned over $3000 from my side hustle

Have you read my article on how to earn extra income with Petsitting? If you are based in the USA feel free to use this link to sign up to becoming a petsitter. I’m happy to write up more tips for how to create the best profile to get your first clients & to make sure that your experience will be a success.

You can use this link to: Become a petsitter & earn an extra $1000+ extra per year*! Without tiring yourself out.

*how successful you will be may depend on your location. My experience is from an urban city in California.

Websites that help me plan travel:

  • Skyscanner was the first flight comparison website that really worked for me when comparison websites were quite new still. As a creature of habit it remains the first place where I visit to check flight prices and I have booked several through it’s search results.
  • Save money / make money with Airbnb
  • Find free accommodation around. the world with Trusted Housesitters
  • Workaway

Top Secret Insider Tips:

My German Language Student and friend who works as a professional tour guide in Cambodia: Angkor Journeys with Kanha Reath

Email Tool that I use:
I am super new to this but am just signing up to Convertkit it’s the first time that I am using an email management tool like this and I am excited about it!

*If you use my referral links: As a first time user of some of the platforms you will save some money and simultaneously benefit me. Following my links will not cost you more. Sharing links like this is called affiliate links. I get a bonus from the company that I share with you. I will only ever share a service / company that I use myself, benefit from and trust. Only some of the links I share are affiliate links, others I don’t get a kickback from (yet).