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I started teaching English online

It’s not exactly a career move but I have always wanted to get a TEFL qualification and dip my toes in tutoring / teaching English online.

It’s NOT a particularly rational bucket list item as the pay is not even nearly a living wage; unless of course you really specialise and throw your WHOLE heart and a lot of time into it. I on the other hand am only dedicating a corner of a heart chamber for now.

In my first week being registered on italki I already have 14 lesson bookings!

I might maybe add German to my offerings at some point but for now I am just irrationally spending my time getting paid some peanuts to meet people around the world and cheerlead their English language learning efforts. Something tells me that I am a nerd.

Luckily I love nerds.

For the slow pokes in the back: I am a longterm fan girl of this teaching platform, I am also taking language lessons not just offering them there.

If you are potentially interested in applying to teach or in booking lessons yourself then with my link you will save some money on your first booking.

(And if you use my link to sign up as a teacher then I would LOVE that, it would give me a referral bonus.)

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