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Where can we go from here?

Our housesitting appointment is drawing to a close at the end of the coming week. We by chance got asked to take on another house-pet-sitting gig from the 1st – 4th of August and I said yes minutes before I found out that we likely have lost the (stationary) RV that we were schedule to move into that weekend. So that was a lucky decision.

It leaves a rather big question, especially considering that this is the Bay Area with incredibly high rental costs: where do we go from there? We have a grace period of another 9 days or so before I really have no idea where we will go.

I had this wild idea of buying a school bus as an art-workshop venue, I prefer to teach lessons and classes in small settings rather than bigger ones, even if I take a pay-cut as a result. I had come up with a school bus when I couldn’t think of anywhere where I could teach, especially with me being new to the area I just don’t have the connections and networks to help out. The drawback is this: I think I am just not ready to spend borrowed money on investing in a project in a place where in my heart of hearts I don’t feel connection to or sufficient trust in. What shall I do?

I have a job-interview tomorrow with, which is an Airbnb type set-up but for activities. I should present some class ideas and of course also have a location that I can teach them from. Right now I have no idea which way to decide. I can not think of another option than a school bus for a venue and yes for a temporary place to sleep. (At night we would easily park it on the grounds of the studio where both Jason and I have a small storage/art studio space rented and where J makes his blown glass – the studio space is too dark and small and not suitable to give art classes for me)

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