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An amazing Day for Marriage Equality in all 50 American States!

I have only followed the news headlines as time has been tight and I couldn’t read more in depth. But the news look good and just as I went to bed to try and catch an early night an hour or so ago a huge firework display was visible from our bedroom window and it was far too exciting to go to sleep without embracing this truly historic moment. All day I had been too busy to really give it a second thought so I am glad that the fireworks got me back out of bed to say :

“CONGRATULATION!!” to all who for too long could not enjoy a basic right that most of us may take for granted. I hope that all the other rights that should be in place but simply are not will catch up.

There probably won’t be a better place than San Francisco this weekend.. The pride march takes place on Sunday and I hope that I can get a good view and meet some people, too!

I hear that amidst the celebrations of this amazing ruling some darker decisions about the Transatlantic Trade Agreements took place, they took place in a way that will not serve us. I think some of all this is so big that it is hard to keep up with how huge the negative implications can be. I hope that I can make time this week to read the newspaper and learn more.

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